Without doubts this is the most valuable post in my life. Life lessons are the ones we would want to share with our children and grandchildren, but we never really have the idea how.

Some people believe that the most important lessons in life are those that are learned in childhood. but life is long, and we constantly learn and evolve even, when we feel stuck.

The most important lessons are those that are learned through experience. There are many different opinions on what the most important lessons in life are, but there are some lessons that are universally agreed upon.

This is my personal list, that I would want share with you readers. The points haven't got any ordering logic, I just added a number to make them easily referrable. The time I'm first writing these lines (at the age of 37) I found only thirty of these lessons, I hope I could extend the list in the upcoming years.

What Are The Most Important Lessons In Life?

001 Life Lesson · Material Things Don't Make You Happy, The People You Enjoy Them With (Friends & Family) Will Make You Happy

Owning more and more things won't make you happy. Sure, it's great to have a new car or fancy clothes, but those things don't necessarily mean true happiness. True happiness comes from the people in your life that you enjoy spending time with. Whether it's your family, friends, or partner, these are the people that will make you happy.

It's not about the material things in life, it's about the quality of your relationships. These are the people that will be there for you through thick and thin. They're the ones that will make you laugh when you're feeling down and help you celebrate your successes. So cherish the relationships in your life and let them bring happiness into your world.

002 Life Lesson · There Are Ups and Downs in Life, This is The Way How We Can Evolve

No one ever said that life was going to be easy. In fact, it's quite the opposite. Life is full of challenges and obstacles. There are times in life when we feel that everything we do will be successful and there are times when we simply fail no matter. These are all opportunities.

If we can learn to accept the ups and downs of life, then we will be much happier and more content. We need to remember that the good times wouldn't be as good without the bad times. Life is relative.

003 Life Lesson · Dreaming Big Is Good, but You Have to Find also The Way to Get There

In order to achieve great things in life, it's important to have big dreams and goals. However, simply dreaming is not enough – you also need to have a plan and take actionable steps towards achieving your goals. Success isn't happening overnight. This can seem daunting, but remember that even small steps can lead to big results over time. By taking the time to start walking the way and staying focused on your goals, you can increase your chances of achieving them, even when they seem impossibly big.

004 Life Lesson · Be Loyal to Those Who Are Loyal to You

You won't have too many real friends in life, because strong connections takes time to evolve.

In a world where it seems like everyone is out for themselves, it's important to be loyal to those who are loyal to you. Whether it's a friend, family member, or co-worker, these people have your back and you should have theirs.

Don't trust people you don't know in person, social media is just a channel, but people are much more, when you see and hear them. They are much more than their texts.

005 Life Lesson · Perseverance and Grit Is 80% of Success

Success is not a destination but a journey. It's not about arriving at a certain point and then relaxing; it's about continuing to strive and grow. This is where perseverance and grit come in.

Perseverance is key when pursuing any goal. It's easy to give up when things get tough, but those who persevere are the ones who ultimately achieve success. Just check Michael Jordan's career. This doesn't mean that you'll never experience setbacks or difficulties, but it does mean that you'll keep going even when things are tough.

Grit is also essential for success. This is the quality of determination and resilience; it's what allows you to keep going even when things are tough. Pursuing any goal requires both perseverance and grit, so if you're lacking in either of these qualities, now is the time to start developing them.

006 Life Lesson · Balance Your Time Between Family, Friends and Work

In our fast-paced lives, it's easy to let work consume us. We are constantly connected to our jobs and clients, and it's hard to disconnect. However, if we don't make time for our friends and family, we will miss out important moments in our lives. And we can quickly get to the question “why I'm doing this?”.

Balance your time, get enough time for important events!

007 Life Lesson · Make a Decision You Won't Later Regret

Don't rush any important decisions, imagine that you are 10 years older and ask “Would you decide the same way as you do now?”

If the answer is yes, than you are good to go with your decision.

008 Life Lesson · First Impression is Important but not Almighty

First impressions are important, but they’re not everything. It’s important to pay attention to your gut feelings, but don’t let them rule your life.

Your first impression of someone is often based on their appearance. But looks can be deceiving. Just because someone is well-dressed and good-looking doesn’t mean they're a good person.

First impressions are important, but they're not the be-all and end-all. Get to know someone before you make up your mind about them.

009 Life Lesson · There Is No Such Thing As An “Accident”

When you accidentally meet somebody, it surely has a purpose. You may not know what that purpose is right away, but there is one. It could be something very simple as passing an information or you have something to learn form that person.

Whatever the reason may be, trust that it happened for a reason, be open and you will get the answer quickly.

010 Life Lesson · Other People's Negative Opinions Are Not About You, But About Them

A lot of people tend to think that when someone has a negative opinion about them, it's because there's something wrong with them. However, that's usually not the case. More often than not, when someone has a negative opinion about you, it says more about them than it does about you.

This connected to the mirror effect. When someone looks at you and sees something that they don't like, they're actually seeing a reflection of themselves. It's not that there's anything wrong with you, but that they're projecting their own issues onto you. We are trapped in our own biases.

011 Life Lesson · Sometimes You Should Stop and Evaluate Whether You Are Where You Want To Be

Step out of your head sometimes, and see yourself as an outsider. You will discover things and understand where exactly want to be. This connects to all aspects of life including where you want to live, what you want to do as job or friends you are spending time with.

012 Life Lesson · If You Want To Really Learn Something, You Need To Get To The Point When You Are Able To Teach It

There are multiple stages of understanding things.

  • First you can simply read it
  • You can memorize it so you can recall it later
  • Than comes the comprehension, the understanding
  • This will enable you to apply your knowledge, and use it
  • Finally you could teach your knowledge to others which will trigger to connect dots, which you had not recognized previously

013 Life Lesson · Never Mix Positive and Negative Feedback

It's like adding vinegar into orange juice, the whole will taste like shit not just part of it.

Negative feedback should always be given separately from positive feedback. This is because when we try to mix the two, the positive feedback gets lost in the shuffle and the negative feedback stands out more. Furthermore, mixing positive and negative feedback can confuse the other person and make it harder for them to understand what they need to work on.

This point is extremely important when we give feedback to children.

014 Life Lesson · We Have Only One Home, which Is Called The Earth

We need to treat it like ourselves. We need to clean up the messes we've made, and be more conscious about the things we're doing that are causing harm. We can start making a difference by reducing our carbon footprint, recycling more, and using less water.

At the end of the day we can't leave without each other, since we are One.

015 Life Lesson · Humans Are Still Closer To Animals Than Rational Beings

We have important instincts like eating, drinking, having fun, sports and pleasure. Humans are constructed this way, just think about human hormones (dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, oxytocin etc.). Most of the people are basically chasing these things in their life. Better food, bigger car, more euphoria. Just think about how much people are spending on self-discovery courses compared to restaurants.

We are so deeply controlled by our biology, that we often make irrational decisions in order to achieve them.  

016 Life Lesson · Talent and Genes Are Not Everything

If you have good physical ability and talent for certain sport, it's only half of the story. You need to build up your own success both physically and mentally.

Even if you are shorter than necessary, as Michael Jordan was at the beginning of his career. Standing at 6-6, he was considered small for a shooting guard, which is the position he played. Despite his size, he was able to achieve a great deal of success on the court. Jordan continued to improve each season. He won MVP honors in 1988 and 1991 and led the Bulls to their first NBA Championship in 1991.

017 Life Lesson · You often Find That You're Looking for When You Stop The Search

There is no doubt that every person has a dream partner. It is the one they are looking for. The one that they hope to find someday. But what if the convulsive will does not lead to the one you are looking for? What if, instead of finding your dream partner, you only find yourself chasing after an impossible dream?

It is easy to get caught up in the idea of a perfect partner. We see them in movies and TV shows, we read about them in books and magazines. They seem like they are within our reach, but they are always just out of grasp.

When you “stop” the search for your dream partner, you release only the unrealistic image in your head, and you give place for the real one to come in.

018 Life Lesson · Nothing is Granted In Life, Everything Could Change Almost Instantly

Everything could change immediately, whether it's a job, a relationship, or even your health. It's important to remember that while bad things can happen at any time, so can good things. So don't take anything for granted, and appreciate the good when you have it. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

019 Life Lesson · Would You Like To Change Something in Life? Make a Habit!

We all have something we would like to change in our lives. Whether it’s our weight, we want to read more, eat healthier, or simply we would like to improve something. But making lasting changes can be tough. The only way to make a change is to make a new habit.

  • Start a reading Sunday from 2 to 3 pm
  • Go to gym every Tuesday morning at 7 am

James Clear perfectly summarizes in his book how these simply habits have great impact in your life.

020 Life Lessons · Visit Your Childhood Home and Places Frequently

Not everybody has a pleasant childhood unfortunately, but if you had, visit your childhood places and family frequently. The childhood room, a family member could have such a calming effect that you may hardly find in your mid-life. The good memories help to stop and recharge your empty batteries. Don't miss the opportunity of the reunion.

021 Life Lesson · We Will Remember Only the Good Things

When we look back on our lives, it is somehow self-evident to remember the positive things. The happy moments with friends and family, the accomplishments we are proud of, the times when everything just seemed to go right. These are the memories that bring a smile to our face and make us feel good inside. They are the memories that we hold onto and cherish.

Do we really forget the bad things? We may still think about them occasionally, but they don't have the same power over us as they did when they happened.

There is no direct psychological research in this field that proved Fading Affect Bias 100%, but this is the way how our brain works.

Fading affect bias - Sketchplanations

022 Life Lesson · Remain Humble You Need to Remain a Student (throughout Your Life)

No matter how much knowledge or experience you acquire, there is always more to learn. This is what should keep us humble and down to earth. It is also what allows us to be open-minded and continue growing as individuals.

If we become too arrogant and think we know everything, we close ourselves off from new opportunities to learn. We may think we are better than others and stop listening to their advice. This can lead to big mistakes being made. It is important to stay humble so that we can keep learning and growing throughout our lives.

023 Life Lesson · Fear Gives Bad Advices But Ensures To Stay Safe

Fear is an emotion that gives bad advice. It tells us to stay away from what's new, different, and uncertain. Fear tells us to hold on to the familiar, even if it's not working for us.

But fear is not always a bad advisor. Sometimes, it can help us stay safe. For example, if we're afraid of heights, we'll avoid dangerous situations like cliff-jumping.

So what's the problem with fear? The problem is that fear doesn't know when you should act brave. It can keep us from taking risks that could lead to good outcomes – like starting a new business or going on a first date.

024 Life Lesson · When You Give More, You Get More

In today's society, it's easy to get caught up in the idea of always needing more. Whether it's more money, more stuff, or more attention, we often find ourselves wanting things that we don't have. But what if instead of always trying to get more, we focus on giving more?

It may sound counterintuitive, but studies have shown that when we give more of ourselves – whether it's our time, our energy, or our resources – we actually end up getting more in return. Not only do we feel happier and more fulfilled when we give to others, but we also create a ripple effect of positivity that comes back to us in many different ways.

So the next time you find yourself wanting something that you don't have, take a step back and think about how you can give more instead.

025 Life Lesson · Forgive Even If It's Hard To Let It Go

One of the most important is learning how to forgive. Forgiveness has many benefits, both in the short term and the long term. In the short term, forgiveness can help reduce stress and anxiety, and can also lead to improved physical health. In the long term, forgiveness can improve your relationships and help you live a more positive and fulfilling life.

Forgiveness is not always easy, but it’s worth it. Remember your anger is temporary and will go away sooner or later, why not to choose to overcome sooner?

026 Life Lesson · Pleasing Everyone Is a Bad Goal Be Proud Of Your Own Work

When I was young I heard a sentence from Steve Jobs in one of his speeches which sounded “If you want to make everyone happy, don’t be a leader, sell ice cream“.

People are different and there are also people who simply couldn't be pleased no matter. But never take these feedbacks personal, these aren't about you.

If you figure out a services or you are doing your daily job, always remember to do your best. Taking pride in our work is one of the most rewarding aspects of life, but this feeling always comes from inside and not from bosses.

027 Life Lesson · Be An Early Bird

Being an early bird means multiple things. To be an early bird means to wake up before everyone else and start your day. It helps to be productive and get things done.

It also means to have a positive attitude toward to new possibilities, try them out first! Give them a chance and they may reward you later on!

028 Life Lesson · Failure and Victory Are Separated Only By Faith

Faith can lead to success, maybe it's not the only ingredient, but an important one.

Many people give up when they face failure because they lack faith. They see failure as the end instead of a stepping stone to success. On the other hand, people who have faith see failure as an opportunity to learn and grow.

People with faith know that there is no such thing as failure, only feedback.

To Be Continued…

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