Shirley Hyman, age 100, tells the story about her husband Moe.

Once her husband get sick for a year, and Shirley saw ha was dying, all his strength his left him.

Shirley (to her husband): “What will I do without you?”
Moe (gethering all of his left energy): “Take the love you have from me, and spread it around. A love spread around. There beauty is found.”

The Meeting

I went to my friend’s party, and she had brought this young man to meet me. I sang my French songs and we had a good time together. And then around midnight, we were on this couch. We didn’t say we were going to get married; we just knew it. It was a meeting of the souls.

The Marriage

We used to go out dancing. He had very good rhythm, and it was always nice to have his arms around me.

We had been married for three years when he got an invitation from the President to serve as a military doctor in World War II.

I sent him some pictures of me and he apparently drew a cartoon of himself looking at them.

This is one of the letters he sent me: “The ships come and the ships go, but I stay here with my thoughts of you. Wondering how soon I’ll be once more with my little angel.”

The Parting

He had been sick for a year, and I saw that he was dying. All his strength had left him. And I said, “Moe, what will I do without you?”


And he gathered up all the energy he could. And he said: “Take the love you have for me and spread it around. In love spread around, there beauty is found.”