Nothing is more exciting than a good book taking you to a heap. It makes you want to turn pages, and trigger a series of adrenaline rush to your senses. Sometimes, generating a long pause as you unpuzzle a lot of mayhems and the protagonist’s fight for an order. Undeniably, these themes are ingredients for a Sci-Fi novel. Let’s dive deeper into a sub-genre of this imaginative and fascinating concept.

Set several decades in the future, cyberpunk depicts a dystopian combination of advanced technology and lowlife. It is often labeled with scientific breakthroughs of augmented reality and artificial intelligence, but characters are divided into the wealthiest, and the ones living on the edge of society. If you want to grab some mind-bending stories, then we’re here to give you the list of the best cyberpunk novels of all time!

In the Flat Field, by Charles Keatts

Alex and Mark lose their friend Ann to an unexpected, puzzling death by drug overdose. The remaining two are super hackers, attempting to collect detail about her passing using virtual reality, in hopes of investigating it either a murder or a suicide.

Stemmed from their grief, out-of-control interest emerged with technology, and the maltreatment of humans to the environment made them true agents of ecoterrorism. Alex is the real extremist while Mark was there as level-headed, grieving, stoical running through the heights of coital engagement and depression.

Their experiment in simulation becomes a terrorist joint, Eris and Mark. Quickly escalating to a path of their venture of non-resistance to an apocalyptic world of the new ice age, will Alex and Mark get out? Or will they be forever remnants In the Flat Field?

Accelandro, by Charles Stross

A masterpiece from the Singularity Sky Series, Accelandro preceded by Singularity Sky and Iron Sunrise changed the face of cyberpunk science fiction novels. The posthuman era has commenced as machines domineer over intelligence quotients of humans no one has ever anticipated. In this era, the three generations clawed their way to cope and live through fast progressing technology. Manfred, both an entrepreneur and a father, develops intelligence synthesized technology to interlace the physical and the virtual dimensions.

Amber, his daughter, seeks shelter outside of her mother’s authoritarian arms making her way as an apprenticed astronaut. Sirhan, the third- generation child, is yet to unfold his fate as the savior of all humanity. Read this novel to unveil Sirhan’s exciting destiny.

Ready Player One, by Ernest Cline

In the year 2045, the reality is filled with dingy alleys and extreme slums of scrapyards. Wade Watts renders physical interaction obsolete; he finds purpose when he plugs himself to OASIS, serving as a parallel world of bliss where humanity spends plenty of time with. Along with the passing of the creator of the augmented universe, he leaves with hidden keys in designated events and places. Anyone who is first to unravel his puzzle will take charge of his fortune— and OASIS.

Wade Watts sets on the adventure to crack the laborious codes of James Halliday. While other strong players try to outrun him, he is clever enough as the player one. Will this lone teenager survive as the champion?

Neuromancer, by William Gibson

A novel worthy of the Philip K. Dick, Nebula, and Hugo Award, William Gibson takes on remarkable visions of the future. In the dark cities of Chiba, lies a dread of sceneries. Case worked as the sharpest console cowboy for illegal transactions with swindlers, smugglers, and drug dealers.

For his crimes, he was then punished to destroy his nervous system and to never meddle with cyberspace ever again. Until he met Molly, a hired contract killer, who’s always there to support his back.

Armitage, a mysterious man behind the shadow, and Molly’s employer, promises Case to go back to his old life, from the regeneration of his nervous system to jacking into the matrix. See the next chapters as Case thrives in the dangerous stage of criminals.

Pandemic, by A.G. Riddle

An inexplicable sunken submarine was retrieved just outside Alaska sitting at the bottom of the Arctic Ocean, containing no identification of any country. Inside, there are scientific experiments that will baffle all of humanity.

Dr. Peyton Hughes, the CDC’S renowned epidemiologist discovered an Ebola-like pathogen in Kenya, with her team, she traces the origin of the outbreak. Desmond Hughes, a perplexed man in Berlin encounters the horrors of the ravaging disease, perhaps he was a pivotal key to the occurrences.

Together, Peyton and Desmond believe that there are many macabre secrets to the spread of this deadly pandemic. Will they stop the virus before the eleventh hour arrives? Find out more by reading this intriguing novel by A.G Riddle.

Hardwired, by Walter Jon Williams

Humanity is shrewdly divided from the rule of the Orbitals, while Earth’s hostile regions are fenced in to let the Orbitals exhaust their pampered wealth. Outside of Orbital control is an ugly place of good-for-nothings, a mismatched ensemble of scraps, and hustlers having no choice but to live a hardscrabble existence. If the resistance guerrilla and the criminal underground could team up, they can defeat the menaces of power. Cowboy is a smuggler who can maneuver tanks using his own brand of programmed systems.

Sarah, an assassin of the mercenary, ends up with Cowboy as they fight the war against the Orbitals, hardwired to juggernaut forces, and a nitty-gritty grunge of rebellion. They are in for the ride of neural interfaces. Get ready to embark on this story by Walter John Williams.

Snow Crash, by Neal Stephenson

Hiro Protagonist starts off a delivery service to Uncle Enzo’s Cosa Nostra Inc. It is a world covered by the mafia, destroying every bit of matter that comes in their way. In the metaverse, Hiro is not just a puny guy there for pizzas, but is a samurai swordsman and a hacker. Enter his best friend who designed a high-end drug named Snow Crash, which disfigured his brain. On a mission, his ex-girlfriend calls for rescue, he goes on the move.

A warrior prince of the Sumerian civilization engages in neo-noir warfare of apocalypse. In Postmodern America, a friend, and a former lover seeks to escape from the shadowy collapse of their world. Can Hiro live up to his unprecedented task?

Diaspora, by Greg Egan

Flashed to a millennium in the future, Yatima is born in a divergent world of mechanical marvels. Humans have chosen to be digitized, instead of the then-usual organic body. Seems like the advancement screams stability until an event comes far from the ephemeral wonder, they are in. The gleisners, robots, who are aware of their being face a brink of destruction. The fleshers, a life living in a biological being can reverse time.

Yatima goes for an intergalactic adventure with his friends Orlando and Liana, to save Earth from the colliding deadly rays that will end all life as they know it. Get plunged into this mind-boggling novel by Greg Egan.

The Windup Girl, by Paolo Bacigalupi

It could not be any worse than the effects of oil exhaustion. Set in Thailand exotic markets, Anderson Lake, a Calorie Man employed by Agri-Gen, bats for the rarest foodstuff thought to have vanished centuries ago. Emiko, a wind-up girl formerly useful to Kyoto businessmen, is now a patchwork in Bangkok.
She is not human, but a peculiar yet astonishing creature made by the engineering feats of extreme innovation. However, calorie companies have dominated the future along with their corporate greed of making money stifled the progress everyone needed— humanity. What happens if calories become the staple of trade? Find out the next chapters of this chilling story by Paolo Bacigalupi.

Into Neon, by Matthew Goodwin

Moss was just a bland corporate stooge working for mega-companies, but little did he know that a terrific turn of events will change his life forever. A mysterious woman brings a key to him opening ultrarich corporations. When he realizes his connection to the lady, he sprawled on a stunt with his dear friend to the wastelands of gritty neon street lights hued by red, blue, and yellow colors. From being a mere man of the black and white suit emerged an ingenious hero.

Moss equips a visceral catch as he joins forces with the rogues to free people robbed of their rights. Will Moss break the chains of totalitarian runs or will he end up in the scrapyards?

Cyberpunk City, by D.L. Young

Maddox finds himself in a tight spot as he was forced to steal a dataset by an enigmatic executive. At a glance of foreboding spires and perhaps collected from a dream, underlies a secret war of artificial intelligence inside a vast world of virtual interactions. With several tricks, he has learned (and some he’s never done), he must apply those to what dangers will unfold.

This novel of mile-high skyscrapers of futurism is paired with slow-motion destruction. Is Maddox up to the challenge?


With the brewing of the sleekest technology in the 21st century, it is no question that we are entering the future. Along with the hints of creativeness, authors etched cyberpunk as an esteemed sub-genre in literature. Add thrills to your reading as you encounter an intersperse of rainy alleys and mega-corporations. Indulge yourself with feasts of depictions of the future. If you are still looking for the best cyberpunk novels of all time, grab your precious copies with the list provided above!

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