Do you ever wondered why certain athletes are more successful and unbeatable in eSports. What are the most important things that you should learn and practice?

We know that a professional Gamer works the same amount as an Olympic athlete. Lot of practice with a lot of team matches. But why are certain teams better than the others, when they use the same good strategies. What could make the difference?

The answer is Sport Psychology.

The best athletes are trained not only physically, but mentally. And every game is mind-game. This article series is about the lessons, that should be learned to be successful in every situation of the professional sports-life. And what are the topics, read carefully, and feel free to comment them:

  1. Setting up the right goal, and how to adapt? – The right goal is always the top, but how we know we are on the right way, reality is always different that our dreams, but how can we match them?

  2. Humility, learn to remain small among giants – Do you think you are good in your sport? Do you already won the World Championship? Not? Than you are not good enough, and you have plenty of things you should learn.

  3. Every match is a new beginning – How to control our feelings when we just loose a match, how can we rebuild our mind to start the next one as nothing happened?

  4. Control our feeling – You are what you say, and what you do

  5. Become a champion is not an ability, it is hard work

  6. How to interact with your fans? – What to say and how to say to press

  7. How to find your motivation? – The motivation is one of the deepest things that comes from your childhood

  8. Being in center of attention is ecstatic, but does not help to achieve your goals

  9. When you are down, how to wake up? – Everyone has a bad period, even your body indicate to have a rest period

  10. You are not only fighting for yourself but for everyone, do not forget your teammates, your fans, your coach – It gives you extra power when it is really needed

  11. Have a plan “C” – You think you are ready, because you know what to do? Always have some extra in your pocket, when you pull only before the top

  12. How to wake up as a winner? – You know when the day arrives, and you wake up, you may know how the day will end, but the reality the choice is in your hand, and its true the choice is already made