A personal message from the author:

I began writing the book in March 2020 when stranded at a hotel at Gatwick airport…

I had no intention of writing a book about 2020 but as my personal adventures and experiences intensified it became a cathartic experience, a necessity when back in Spain living through one of the strictest lockdowns in the world at the time.

The story is a combination of personal experience combined with much research and an awful lot of imagination, something I’ve never been short of…

I decided that the description of ‘Thriller/Fantasy/Sci-Fi or reality’ with a hint of irony and black humor was the only possible way to describe any book that includes 2020 in the title, for as the powers that be like to regularly remind us, we are living in ‘unprecedented times’ aka you couldn’t make this shit up!

This book is dedicated to my beautiful cousin Ivor: Apart from all the other personal and global challenges faced this year, in August during the writing of this book my young cousin and his partner were violently murdered. This brutal act completely rocked our world, leaving me unable to continue writing for a while as I attempted to process the shock and grief.

I finally finished the book in October. Meanwhile, much of what I wrote about in the book seems to have become reality; Prediction, logic or coincidence? You know what they say folks, ‘Truth is stranger than fiction'! Hope you enjoy the story!

— Skye Coelho

World governments claim we are living in unprecedented times.
First there were the fires, the floods and the pestilence,
Then world war three began…
We were about to enter a prolonged period of global emergency the likes of which we had never experienced before…
An adventure spanning 4 countries, an unlikely group of people that unite to survive.
A chain of events that will change the course of human history forever.
Are you willing to trade your freedom for the illusion of safety and stability?
Is this reality or is this just fantasy?
You, the reader, make up your own mind…


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