There is more to us than what we see on the outside of us. Who we truly are is the person on the inside; our spirit. Who we are within greatly impacts our physical life, our world, and God’s divine purpose and destiny for us.
21 Destiny Prayers will transform your life and teach you how to:

  • Discover God’s great plan for you and what you were born to accomplish on this earth
  • Remove roadblocks and hindrances in order to fulfill your destiny and divine purpose
  • Open up to a new dimension of prayer that will remove, uproot and cleanse away destructive deposits and limitations from past errors or from your generational bloodline.
  • Walk in your destiny to bring fulfillment, joy, and immeasurable peace into your life.

God did not create you to just keep falling short or to live a meaningless, miserable life. Our destiny is part of accomplishing God’s will on earth. 21 Destiny Prayers will reveal God’s heart to you as you continue in prayer for His will to be done in your life and those around you.


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