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The USA Today Bestseller 2612 Cherryhill Lane is an inspiring and heart-warming debut novel that reminds us that no wound is too deep for the healing powers of God’s grace, forgiveness, and true love.

When Jonathan McCalister led the Katy Tigers to the Texas State championship, everything was perfect. He had a full scholarship to play Division I football, a beautiful girlfriend, and a loving family. Nothing could go wrong—or so he thought.

But while driving to a celebratory dinner, Jonathan is involved in a horrific accident that not only changes his life but alters the lives of everyone in his family. Now confined to a wheelchair and alienated from the people he loves the most, Jonathan is forced to bear the guilt of causing the accident and to live his life with little to look forward to.

Many years later, Jonathan meets Samantha Reid, a fellow college student hired by his mother to be his personal assistant. What starts off as a forced pairing, blossoms into a fulfilling friendship and eventually a beautiful romance. But what neither realizes is that their relationship will tear open old wounds and force them to reevaluate everything in their lives—including their love for each other.

“I will personally autograph any copy purchased from my website.”
— Glenn Vo

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