Hardcore Tips to Increasing Profits

Gives managers, entrepreneurial thinkers, and executives a practical guide to optimizing resources, capitalizing on the unknown while finding a work-life balance to increase profits.

The reality is that most businesses fail or struggle because of poor resource management, business planning, and the inability to adequately lead problem-solving. By overlooking these building blocks, many potentially successful businesses leave money on the table.

Provides tips and tricks to increasing an organization's bottom-line. Dina Preston-Ortiz and husband, Don Ortiz shares their unique anecdotes for increasing profits through sheer guts and grit, by being purposeful, adapting and finding innovative solutions in dynamic environments of constant change.

Learn how to manage talent, find excellence, adapt in difficult and controversial situations, do more with less, while keeping clients coming back for more.

You'll discover tools for:

  • Making good decisions in atmospheres of uncertainty
  • Successfully leading in virtual environments
  • Creating competitive advantages that can't be copied
  • Leveraging talent and relationships to optimize resources
  • Finding the right work and life balance

Dina and Don reveal their own personal stories to help you create a unique niche in your own industry market. With proven strategies, their simple 3-section the framework lays out information to help increase profits.

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