Being successful is a matter of mentality and style. Changing your mindset in the right way will most likely bring in significant things and achievements. But if you have spent your entire life thinking the way you do today, making this switch can be a challenge. Here are some of the best how to be successful books in 2020 to help you out.

How To Be Successful, by M. Curtis McCoy et al.

This book tells stories and ideologies from more successful leaders out there. It helps you think like a leader and see things like a leader. In other words, it helps you overcome obstacles and understand that every problem has at least one solution. Each co-author has a story to motivate you and help you understand what life is about.

Author Curtis McCoy has become rich quickly. At the age 27 he owned many companies and businesses, but his illness changed everything — he was diagnosed with brain cancer. Today we measure success in money, but it is false, money is only one part of the big picture. This book shows how you could balance your life to experience a more successful life. 

Limitless, by Jim Kwik

Jim Kwik says people have no limitations. Despite what others tell you, your potential is incredible when you use your brain the right way. The renowned brain coach has helped managers, CEOs, sports people and actors all over the world. He reveals a few successful techniques to push your brain, but he will also help you master habits, unleash your productivity, eliminate the mental fog and get the right motivation on track. It is definitely one of those books that can change your life to 180 degrees.

The Universe Is Calling You, by Char Margolis, Victoria St. George and RuPaul

The Universe Is Calling You teaches you how to get hooked into the power of essence. You can draw things you want closer to you if you do it right. You can draw wisdom, happiness and strength by establishing the right connections. All in all, this book will introduce you to sources of power, help you get rid of negative energies and teach you how to overcome obstacles in your life. It could be rated as a spiritual book as well, but one thing is for sure – it will certainly motivate you.

Joy At Work, by Marie Kondo and Scott Soneshein

The workplace can be a joyful place, as well as a messy experience. There are lots of unneeded tasks, disorganized files and one email after another – things that will seriously harm your productivity and drain your energy. This book helps you eliminate clutter in a simple and efficient way – both mental and physical clutter. In the long run, you will boost your productivity, become more successful and enjoy the success associated with a clean working mentality.

Million Dollar Habits, by Stellan Moreira

In his book Stellan Moreira shows you 27 daily habits in order to achieve a more successful living. These habits are connecting to practice meditation, breathing, gratitude, foster meaningful relationships and more.

Hence these habits sound simple practicing them every day would lead you discover a more extensive life.

Get Out Of Your Head, by Jennie Allen

Motivational speaker and Bible teacher Jennie Allen has written a book aimed at women. It is the type of book that will help women lost in frustration and the worries of everyday problems. The book teaches you where the battle actually takes place – in your brain. She will help you overcome toxic thoughts and battle distraction.

Bottom line, these are the top rated how to be successful books in 2020 so far. No matter what you struggle with, chances are you will gain the right mindset to make major changes in your life.