Maximize Your Life Satisfaction, Experiences, and Results

Award-Winning Executive Mirza Barlas, MBA, achieved early business success by implementing transformational change in world leading companies via breakthrough capabilities improvement. And when this success didn’t result in the accompanying happiness he’d anticipated, Barlas turned to his proven expertise in transformational change to personally develop the breakthrough capabilities for happiness.

Along the way, he learned unexpectedly that while success does not always lead to happiness, as was his case, happiness consistently leads to or enhances success. Relying on conclusively proven, groundbreaking scientific research and proven facts, often illustrated by fascinating parables of self-evident timeless wisdom.

Barlas distills down 25 years of research and study into this book. Each mega hack comprises a scientifically proven breakthrough capability to achieve transformational change, something Barlas has excelled in during his extensive, ongoing award-winning global business career. Effortlessly moving between grit, expertise, positivity, mindfulness, happiness, and medically-proven self-administered cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for clear perception and better judgment, Barlas invites his readers to create happier, more productive lives through 6 Mega Life-Transforming Hacks. Success may not automatically lead to happiness, but you can soon discover both.


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