Created in 1964, Pink Floyd was among the first psychedelic groups in the UK. It was one of the leading names in the progressive rock genre and gained notoriety with its philosophy, experimental music and extended songs. The band’s live shows were just as impressive and took live performances to another level. Here are some of the most detailed Pink Floyd biographies for those who want to find out more about what drove the band to dominate the music industry for so many years.

Inside Out, by Nick Mason

Pink Floyd’s story has always hidden a bunch of secrets and many of them were left unknown until recently. Nick Mason was the only continuous member of the band over about four decades, so he has witnessed pretty much everything about it – both ups and downs.

Find out more about the people who shaped the group, as well as the inside perspectives, the deterioration of relationships between band members, conflicts and rare pictures from history. The book is funny at times, but also dramatic – most importantly, it is rich in less known details.

Comfortably Numb, by Mark Blake

The book is one of the best Pink Floyd biography and tells the stories behind more recent events. In the summer of 2005, Pink Floyd performed for the first time in more than two decades. A year later, founding member Syd Barrett passed away. These two events indicated the closure.

The author covers the whole history of the band and aims to show how a bunch of middle-class Englishmen has managed to take the world over. The book is based on personal interviews with friends, crew members, old friends, former housemates and so on.

Saucerful of Secrets, by Nicholas Schaffner

This is one of the first biographies of Pink Floyd. The group was quite secretive throughout its extended career, but this book covers pretty much everything. It mostly revolves around Syd Barrett, the founding member, whose LSD addiction and degradation are among the main tragedies in rock music.

The author also follows up with the making of successful albums, as well as incredible live shows. Furthermore, readers will also learn more about the conflicts between Roger Waters and other band members, as well as his attempts to ruin the group after departing it.

A Very Irregular Head, by Rob Chapman

Syd Barrett was a representative band member for Pink Floyd. He was a songwriter, a vocalist and a guitarist. He was part of the band for a couple of years only. Over this short period of time, he was the leading element of the band and pushed it from behind. He released two albums in 1970 before deciding to enjoy a more peaceful life in his hometown – Cambridge.

This is probably the most detailed biography of the genius behind Pink Floyd. While there for a couple of years only, he has touched more lives than he could ever imagine. Find out what drove him to leave the band and discover his later passions in life, such as gardening, photography or horticulture – a series of interesting insights that will reveal plenty of secrets.

Pink Floyd All the Songs, by Jean-Michel Guesdon and Philippe Margotin

This is an extensive insight into every song released by Pink Floyd. While such books only focus on the biggest hits, this one covers every song out there – more than 500 pages full of history. Pink Floyd sold over 250 million records all over the world – including a few of the best-selling albums ever. The book follows the band's adventure in the studio, as well as the brief history behind each song.

Learn more about the technical side of each song, such as the instruments used. At the same time, you can read some funny or dramatic stories from the studio, behind the scenes stories and tensions that pushed the band forward. The book is written in a chronological way – album by album. It starts with the debut album – The Piper at the Gates of Dawn.

Syd Barrett, by Mike Watkinson

Syd Barrett chose a quiet and peaceful life. He was with Pink Floyd for a couple of years and only released two solo albums. This short career touched an incredible amount of people. Often referred to as a genius and sometimes considered crazy, this musical diamond has reshaped the music industry. This is not the first version of the book though.

The newer release came out after Syd Barrett’s death in 2006, with a bunch of extra updates. Find out more about his career, his points of view regarding the band, the subsequent departure from the band and his solo career experience. Considered a cult genius by many, this book will show you what drove Syd Barrett forward.

Pink Floyd, by Gareth Thomas

This is one of the newest Pink Floyd biography. Released in 2010, it brings in some insights that most fans may not be aware of – secrets released many years after the last album, conflicts, connections and behind the scenes details.

The book is an illustrated biography that explores what pushed a psychedelic rock band forward. It reveals how the band has managed to become one of the best-selling groups of all time and how their cult keeps going on, decades after they stopped.

Pink Floyd, by Barry Miles

Barry Miles’ book is probably one of the first biographies you should go through because it takes you back to the beginnings. It tells the story of a middle-class music group that brought in the first real soundtrack of London.

This is the initial story that started in Cambridge and took Pink Floyd to a cult band status in London. The author is a close friend of band members and witnessed everything they went through, so get ready to explore an authentic book rich in details.


Bottom line, these are some of the most detailed Pink Floyd biographies out there. Whether you are a big fan or you want to find out more about a fascinating band, these books will reveal less-known details about a cult icon.

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