We love heartwarming stories and this one isn't an everyday one, it's about a young author Dillion Helbig who is 8 years old at the moment.

Dillon Helbig, an eight-year-old boy from Idaho, wrote about his adventure on Christmas in a notebook with a red cover. According to The New York Times it is a hit.

When he first started writing it in early December, he decided that he wanted to share it with other people. So much so that he hatched a plan and decided to wait for just the right moment to pull it off.

But his notebook couldn't be published. So one day when his grandmother decided to take him to the Community Library of Boise – where a complete section filled with all kinds of books – he slipped his single copy to the fiction shelf, among the other titles.

The Adventures of Dillon Helbig’s Crismis, by Dillon Helbig (2022)

The book is about a small boy who went back in time to his first Thanksgiving in 1621, after an unfortunate accident with the star at the top of the Christmas tree.

The book is illustrated and written by Dillion with his own handwriting. The opening line start as “Chaptr 1, ONe Day in wintr it wus Crismis!” (We loved all the grammatic errors he left in it, since a good book isn't about grammar but about the good story!)

Dillon Helbig said his father, Alex Helbig, inspired him to leave the book at the library. He did something similar when he was younger, according to Dillon.

My dad did this when he was a kid and kept doing it. He had a lot of records,' Dillon explained. ‘I didn't know he had 100 of them; I only had one book.

What happened with the book in the library?

The library's manager, Alex Hartman, was so impressed with Dillion's persistence and sense of appreciation that he decided to add it to their permanent collection. So others may officially get it from the library.

Unfortunately since only one copy existed from the book, the waiting list became longer and longer for the book.

Now, there are more then a hundred customers in line to get Dillon's illustrated book.

Is the book available on Amazon?

No, at the moment it isn't available for the public (only at the library), but since the story spread, most likely it will be available soon.

Does the book received any award?

The library even gave Dillon its very first Whoodini Award for Best Young Novelist. The award was created specifically in honor of the library’s owl mascot and Dillon's novel was chosen because it wowed praise of librarians.

Will Dillon Helbig book have a sequel?

Yes. He has plans to make a sequel to the “Crismis” book, a story in which he reveals it will also feature Rusty (his dog) and Grinch at the end.


People love to share stories, but not everybody is brave enough to also put his or her thoughts on paper. Dillon is a delighting young author who was brave enough to start his journey We honestly support his efforts on the path to be one of the biggest authors on the market. But so far get the first book of Dillon Helbig!

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