A Policeman's Memoir

A personal message from the author:

Due to the racial division in the United States and recent attacks against law enforcement officers, I wrote this book to share my personal experiences as a uniformed policeman in the turbulent 1970s. I hope my story will shed light on the fact that not all policemen are racist, and not all minorities are bad.

— Robert M Brunelle

Ambushed, shot at, stabbed in the back. Could all the times he cheated death have a meaning, a message, and a purpose? 9 Lives of Badge 656 is a truthful account of one Los Angeles Policeman’s time in uniform during the turbulent 1970s. Follow Officer Brunelle on this often harrowing, often humorous journey that begins with the simple question, “Why did I become a cop?” From day one at the academy, to his first assignment with racist cops, to surviving a shootout and countless run-ins with notorious gangs, this memorable memoir takes the reader behind the scenes on an unforgettable tour of duty with the LAPD. So, what problems could an antiracist cop run into? This true crime novel seems to be taken right out of today’s headlines, but gives an honest, historic account of what being a street cop was like back in the day.


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