My Life Clearing the Roads of Iraq

A personal message from the author:

Not many people know the story of Combat Engineers. I wanted to express the highs and lows of an American soldier. There were always rumors of what happened during my time in Iraq. I wanted to set the record straight of what truly happened. Get ready to laugh and cry on this emotional journey of a soldier and his brothers in arms.

— Eric Herrera

We all have turning points in our lives. One man’s turning point led him to join the army. Despite the opposition from shocked family members, he makes the commitment one fateful day in June. What follows is a series of hardships, both physical and emotional, that will change his life forever. After ten years of silence, he is ready to tell his story. It is a story of friendship, politics, loss, and love.

When Private Eric Herrera begins his military journey, he starts at the bottom, like they all do. Basic training gives him the courage to do things he hadn’t realized he was capable of. It also sets the stage for brother-like friendships that will last a lifetime. Upon arriving in Iraq, he experiences firsthand the consequences of narcissists in power. Not all fit that description though. When a night mission turns into tragedy, he and his platoon must search the ranks for someone who will come to their aid. They find the few who are truly worthy of their rank. Left to deal with the loss of his friends, Eric must choose to move forward in spite of his grief. His struggle is real, but in the end, love comes to the rescue, helping him to pull through when he otherwise may have given up.


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