A personal message from the author:

Suffering from mental illness for 40 years, depression, abandonment syndrome and addiction, no one could help me. I went to many institutions pleading for help and I got no where. I am a computer programmer. I used my analytical skills to break down the problem. I then researched the knowledge to understand the basics that I needed to recover. To understand the 3 primary sections of the self. Body, Mind and Soul (Self).

This is not a religious book, it is a book that explains the essential knowledge in a easy to understand way that can help any one person understand themselves and make the changes I made.

— S. E. Jordan 

A Book for Life is an inspirational self-help book which explores the connection between our bodies, our minds and our selves (souls). It helps us explore the body and explains why and how we should care for it. We break down the mind and discover ways we can control and improve our thinking. We look at ourselves (souls) and understand how we can control and nurture our well being independently.

A motivational book, it highlights the ways the body, mind and soul help balance each other and are essential to each other to find productivity, peace and happiness. A Book for Life cuts away all the jargon and unnecessary information and provides a straight to the point, easy to understand way to a practical and a doable plan to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Read the knowledge, discover yourself and make the changes you would like. A Book for Life is a book for life, you keep for life.

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