Adlay is a new Angel. New, as in first ever. He and forty nine others have just been created to fight a new thing called evil. That will show up on a new place called Earth. With new beings called humans. Thank goodness all of his training, physical and non-physical, will happen place in a new place called Heaven. Heaven has been under construction for a month or so, so there plenty left to do, but what is already there, Adlay is having good time touring Heaven. On a tour he stops in a new city called Pages, that is made up of only libraries. For those who loved to read on Earth, will really love Pages.

We follow Adlay as he fights his way through the training. He is confident about his physical abilities, but has had problems with his Worship teacher, Lucifer. Adlay has a bad feeling about Lucifer, and is willing to do whatever it takes to discover what he is up to. If you like great stories, if you want to sit in a chair and get lost in the book, you will love this book. It's fun to watch someone's idea come to life in such an extraordinary way. You'll love it.