A personal message from the author:
“Have you ever felt that we can do a whole lot better in educating our youth? Although it's not an immediate fix, do you feel that by fostering healthier, more secure and courageous children, many of our global problems will eventually be solved? This is my feeling, and I have taught children in many countries around the globe.
Imagine a planet full of humans who embrace their freedom, and find purpose in creating improvements for one and all; realizing that it is time to evolve beyond the illusion of separation. A Light in the Tunnel imagines such a scenario unfolding.”
— Abraham Gordon

A Light in the Tunnel is about realistic heroism. It tells the story of those trying to find purpose and peace in their lives by shedding layers of self-consciousness and social pressure.

Imagination is the first step on the path of creation. A Light in the Tunnel imagines something better than what we've got; a planet filled with humans who teach their children how to love the experience of being alive.


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