An exciting, delightful, and exhilarating tale.

Nathan Hawke is obsessed with time. His lifelong dream to conquer time and unravel its many mysteries and secrets. From his very youth he dreamed of “breaking it like a cowboy would a wild bronco that had bucked all who tried to ride it before him.” Disgraced and driven from the world of higher academia, Dr. Hawke is relegated to teaching a high school physics class by day and binge watching 80s TV shows with his cat at night. So, when he is offered an opportunity by a mysterious benefactor to complete his research into a unique time travel theory involving the appearances of ghosts, he sees it as his last chance to realize his life’s dream, despite his suspicions.

His work a success, he finds himself stranded in the past on a small, Georgia farm as the Civil War rages around him. Trapped for the next three years, Nathan does his best to blend in and not disturb the timeline. Only, not getting in history’s way is more difficult than he thought and he inadvertently alters the course of the future. Leaving him with the impossible decision to save time, or save the new life and family he built for himself in the past.

Follow this well-imagined and well-developed character in adventures he never signed up for as he is bounced from one era to the next and one history-shaping dilemma to the next. The historical underpinnings of the plot make it a compulsive read and this element of the narrative combines with the sense of adventure that permeates the story to offer readers great satisfaction.

A Matter of Time has a complex, unpredictable plot which keeps the readers turning the pages, guessing what will happen next. The tight spots, the dangers, and the uncertainty that accompany Nathan’s adventures make this novel hard to put down.


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