A Once In A Lifetime Meeting with My Guardian Angel In Person Series Book 2

A personal message from the author:

To my readers, sharing my personal journey in life, and such rare occurrences so that we can relate from one human being to another and back again… This is why I decided to begin my adventures.

I hope you will laugh, I hope you will cry, I hope you will have questions, and I hope you will find thee answers also.

God Bless, and may peace be with ALL of you always!
Stay Safe, WISE and thus — WELL always!

Kindly always,
— (N.I.S- ->)

This book is a very personal story of trials and tribulations that encircled my faith in the spiritual world as-well the hereafter. And so, I hope that anyone who would love to restore their faith in Heaven, God, Jesus and the spiritual world, and those who wish to feel uplifted and to perhaps regain their hope might enjoy my story. Anyone who LOVES adventures, and watching someone get into trouble have to find their way back out time and time again.

The book's story is very RELATABLE for many I’m certain. I was a true life Thrill Seeker, and THAT on its own, got me into fix after fix, and I always SOMEHOW MANAGED to get out! In looking back, I realized that ALL ALONG, my Guardian Angel had EVERYTHING TO DO WITH my survival, I am so very thankful and grateful. “Thanks Andrew!”


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