Cuckoo Village Fairy Tales Book 1

A human story, written by a fairy

For middle-grade, 7-12 year old readers. Also ideal for story time for 5-7 year olds. Short, self contained chapters.

This is the story of four mischievous woodland fairies. Their names are Mirth, Glee, Shimmer & Twinkle.
The four fairy friends become restless on a rare day off from going to-and-fro doing all their fairy work.

They decide to visit the good people of nearby Cuckoo Village to have fun playing tricks on them.

As is often the way for trouble makers, things do not work out exactly the way they wish. So, the mischievous youngling fairies soon find themselves in as much trouble as they caused for the humans of Cuckoo Village.


Excerpt from A Rainbow Over Cuckoo Village © Copyright 2023 Peter Moonscion



Fairies work very, very hard.

All day long, and sometimes at night, they go around, sometimes visible and sometimes invisible, casting

spells and working magic.

When they are visible, fairies always try to avoid being seen. That’s why people almost never catch sight of one. That’s when they cast the kind of spells or work magic that makes the world we live in so beautiful and, well, magical.

That’s when they work their magic on the world and leave it for us to find later and enjoy. I’m sure you can think of a time that you saw something that you thought looked so wonderful that it was ‘more' than beautiful . . . it was magical.

Perhaps it was one day when you woke up in the morning and found that it was snowing and everything outside was blanketed in white, fluffy snow. Maybe it was when you picked a dandelion and blew on it, and all the seeds puffed into the air and drifted away. Or perhaps when you looked over that same field the next day and saw a hundred more dandelions.

Or maybe it was when it was a rainy day, and you felt a little sad. Then suddenly, a cloud moved, and a golden beam of sunlight broke through and brightened everything up so much and looked so beautiful that you forgot that you were sad.

Or maybe, just like me, you sometimes see a rainbow and that's all you need because everyone knows that rainbows are one of the most beautiful and magical things in the whole world.

Well, whatever it was that looked magical to you, that was probably one of the things that fairies made when they were visible and were sure that no human would spot them as they worked hard to leave something for you to enjoy.

When fairies create something beautiful for you to experience, your appreciation and joy is a kind of nourishment for them. So, while you consume food for your bodies and love for your hearts, fairies are nourished by the happiness that humans feel when they enjoy the beauty and magic the fairies have created.

When they are invisible, fairies don’t need to worry about being spotted by humans, so they can go anywhere at any time. That’s when they work their magic on people. One day a person might do something so kind or funny,

or so magical, or say something that is so wise that it makes people very happy. I’m sure you can think of an occasion when someone was very kind or did something that you thought was magical. Well, at that time, there was probably a fairy whispering in their ear.

Fairies are always good and always kind, and it’s very unusual indeed to hear of a fairy being naughty or misbehaving. Sometimes though, it does happen, and when it does, it’s almost always on the rare occasion that they have a day off from their work. That’s why in fact they very rarely have a day off. fairies have lots and lots of energy and always like to be busy. When they do have a day off, they sometimes become restless and get up to mischief, especially youngling fairies.

This is the story of what happened when four young fairies had a day off and decided very early in the morning to play together. Of course, being young fairies, having free time that day and lots and lots of energy, they decided to get up to mischief and to play a naughty trick on some humans.

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