A personal message from the author:

This is a novella I have been working on and off for the past 9 years. It is based on inspired dreams I've had, as well as reflections on our society's relationship with technology and society itself. It also includes philosophical musings, poetry, conspiracy theories and religious motifs woven throughout.

— Joe Bellino

This is a story, that has been smeared across the canvas of time.
Where the destiny of space and species collide.
Beginning with the downfall of man.
Their addiction to advanced technology, ultimately caused the Global Electronic Grid to burn out.
Throwing them back into the dark ages.
Only one human escaped Earth before Her collapse.
Her name was Evelyn. She was secured and sent to Titan, one of Saturn’s moons.
She was taken in by the King and Queen, and pronounced as the Princess of Titan.
Through fate, Evelyn soon crosses paths with a slave, known only as G.
The last living being of his race, known as Tangible Souls.
Imprisoned by the rulers of the Galaxy, orchestrating his species’ extinction… the Intellects.
The Intellects were the most intelligent and yet ruthlessly vile species in the Universe.
The elders seduced atrocity at their will.
Unchallenged by any other species because of their depraved soldiers enforcing their dominion.
But there is hope for a new beginning…


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