This workbook is designed for couples who have children from a previous relationship. It gives couples an opportunity to discuss some of the challenges that may arise in a step/blended family. Each step/blended family is unique, and will vary based on custody agreements, arrangements, co-parent relationships, commitments, traditions, etc. In a step/blended family we have to be understanding, flexible, and able to compromise in order to have a strong, healthy family, and that starts with the couple. Our marriages are the blueprints for our children. They define what a successful relationship looks like. In order to give our children sound guidance, we have to provide the best possible family structure that we can, right from the beginning.

A personal message from the author:

Blended families are more common now than ever before, and there is no one size fits all generic solution. Whether you’re co-parenting, single parenting, exploring dating someone with children, in the midst of a divorce, or even dealing with a high conflict ex, navigating the steps towards blending a family will have many situations that you simply can’t foresee until they are smack dab in the middle of the room.

In A Step Towards Blending Workbook, I explore many tactics to help make your new relationship a success so that each child is nurtured, and you and your partner have the healthiest relationship possible, not only for your children but for yourselves.

This workbook helps individuals with children, or whose partners have children from a previous relationship who have entered into, or are exploring entering into a new relationship. It’s healthy to grow, but blending families is a step many people have not examined thoroughly and without having the necessary tools it can present some difficulties. By preparing for these hiccups, blended families will stand together stronger than ever with a foundation based on mutual love and understanding.

— Sharon Kelly

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