A Thing of Dark Imaginings is a morally ambiguous tale of loss, grief, and revenge. Amir travels a road of grief, leading to gunfire. He and Serena lose their only child, Lelah, in a mass shooting at her college. She is one of seventeen victims.

Though he identified her body for the police, Amir cannot remember what Lelah looked like as an adult. He begins to hallucinate. He sees old memories from Lelah's childhood as if they were unwinding right in front of him. These become more vivid… and frightening. Amir develops a voice in his head, a vicious, profane, furious voice, which he calls The Beast. The Beast wants one thing only: revenge against the “gun people” it holds responsible for Lelah's death.

Amir resists at first. Who wouldn't? Then, faced with his own death, he agrees to do as the Beast desires.

His quiet middle-class life is drenched in blood, and he will struggle to save what has not been lost.


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