This book is designed to supercharge your health and vitality, by connecting you to your primal nature and awakening your inner warrior.

Iron will-power. Razor sharp focus. Boundless vitality. Unbreakable discipline. A fire in the belly. A fighting spirit. Thumos.
These are the attributes of a warrior, and they exist in each and every one of us. Unused, they atrophy and shrink. They must be honed and sharpened, or they become dull and weak.
I have put together a list of daily actions and habits that will build, hone and sharpen these traits.
Some come from modern science and some from ancient history. Some are habits that many warriors of the past engaged in; now practiced by many top athletes today.

What is Thumos?

Learn about the ancient Greek concept of Thumos – a concept we as a society have now lost – as well as specific actions and activities that I believe will build your Thumos. Your ‘Inner fire’.
Are you looking to:

  • Supercharge your energy?
  • Skyrocket your testosterone?
  • Reduce stress and anxiety?
  • Clear brain fog?
  • Build your vigor and vitality?
  • Get back that ‘Fire in the belly’?

A Warriors Way 30 – day guide is a challenge:

Containing a collision of ancient wisdom with modern science; filled with simple, actionable advice and habits that taken together will ignite your inner fire – Thumos – and connect you with your primal nature.
The actionable daily steps and habits in this guide will work synergistically together to build your focus, your strength, your discipline, your will power, your mind and your spirit.

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