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About the author:
“The author, Sudio Sudarsan is a recognized brand strategist, helping business owners drive demand and impact through more effective use of their brand, communication, design, and digital assets. He extends his mastery in designing brand identity in drawing calligrams of high-frequency test words. As a clinical professor of management, Sudio teaches elective courses for MBAs and design students at select business and design schools in three continents. Given his passion for education and expertise in typography and designing brand logos, he finds himself in a peculiar position to author “A Word to the Eyes,” the world's first visual vocabulary book.
After having spent more than half his adult life in schools, he understands how vocabulary plays an integral role in acing standardized tests, but how a well-appointed vocabulary is tightly correlated with leadership, persuasion, negotiation, building consensus, and overall business success. He desired to take a break from both of his vocations in 2018 to help bring this book to fruition, especially when children today are raised in a texting culture and schools do not teach vocabulary.”

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a calligram is worth a million. A Word to the Eyes is a revolutionary mnemonic tool used to boost vocabulary development and retention. Enhance your lexicon starting with the visuals within, which serve as an introduction to thousands of associated words and meanings.

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