A personal message from the author:

At the start of the pandemic, I lost my job, and decided to use the time to complete the editing and all of the illustrations of this book. I used expressive painterly techniques on large canvases to create the unusual, magical backdrops and then sketched the characters on top of these. I learned a lot in terms of technique and character drawing, and I hope you like these illustrations too!

The book is designed for children between 4 – 8 years old and the feedback from the children themselves has been great too with reports of laughter and giggling throughout plus a real fondness for the strange creatures and the objects Sissy collects on her journey – so I'm over the moon about that!

I really hope you enjoy the book!

— Michael Ford

The book is an illustrated story in rhyming verse from the perspective of a little girl on a mission to help her older sister.

She meets strange creatures in a magical land who help her to collect the unusual ingredients she needs to reverse an accidental spell.

When a little girl called Sissy decides to go exploring with her older sister, she could never have imagined the incredible adventure that was to follow!

With secrets, special missions and a magical hidden land – this story lets the imagination run free!

The story itself feels like an ‘old school’ fantasy adventure – where imagination means that anything is possible – in a world where parents are just bystanders and unaware of the magical world going on under their noses.

The protagonist, Sissy, is a brave adventurer and needs to collect certain special items along her journey.

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