Illustrator: Efe Peters

A personal message from the author:

I thought about you while writing this. You, who believe you have no right to feel the way you do. You, who may be frustrated with your emotions, YOU who feel the sting of the unkind words that have been said to you.

Here is your friendly reminder to use your voice without shame because we all need to hear what is on your heart.

I hope you are taking excellent care of your body, heart & mind – because you are so worthy

My hope is that this book starts meaningful conversations & in the meantime, I will be putting in the work to be my best self.

— Victoria Eniola

Aduke feels stuck. Trapped between struggles at school and the fear of being a bother to her family, she struggles just to make it through the day. With all the sadness that Aduke holds inside, expressing herself is a challenge she is not prepared to face.Aduke, The Nothing Girl is a story of how a young girl finds the courage to speak up and share her worries.

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