A personal message from the author:

Hello Book Lovers,

We are a mother and daughter team bringing you the Adventures of Lolo and Spot. Lolo is my daughter and Spot is her furry friend (Jack Russel Terrier) In the series of their adventures the main focus is to learn, grow and have fun during the process. It is important to learn how to make healthy choices and to have good manners at the same time using your imagination to be creative.

I hope all of you will enjoy their adventures!

— Ellen Stars

Lolo and her dog Spot are best friends who share many adventures together, but they
also share a special secret. Spot can talk, but only to Lolo! Lolo will learn many lessons
along the way with the help of her neighbor Jeremy. Spot and the kids will em” bark” on
many exciting adventures in their sunny, beachside town.


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