Age Series Book II

In the kingdom of Blackstone, young Gaspar readies himself to ascend the throne. But with uncertainties swarming around his ability to handle the rigors of leadership, Gaspar's younger brother, Cedric, becomes favored by some as the worthy heir. Convinced that he is indeed the successor the kingdom deserves, Cedric orchestrates a cunning ploy to win his father's favor, and the King's confidence in his elder son plummets even more.

Tasked by their father, the brothers journey with the King's closest knight into the treacherous lands beyond the kingdom and come face-to-face with the sinister truth of the world around them. A horrific encounter with a horde of shifters heralds an unexpected twist of fate, and Gaspar is forced to do the unthinkable to save his younger brother's life. But even the greatest act of valor can't rewrite a dying King's final decree. And when the Age of Endorsement witnesses an unexpected coronation of a new King, a sinister drive takes root in the heart of his elder brother's once gentle soul.

Faces shift, and so do loyalties in this prequel to Age of Decision. Age of Endorsement is the second installment in the Age fantasy series.


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