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Do You Think That Book Cover Quality Is Subjective? 

Some book covers perform better, hence quality is subjective, modern AI models are capable to find objective attributes of covers that could decide whether the cover will sell or not. Literarily they are able to do a book cover test. 

We created an Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool that is capable to decide whether a fiction cover image (for example the one that is available on Amazon) is High quality and will sell on Amazon or Low quality and requires further work to make it compelling. 

Our tool is capable to test your cover design in several seconds and it's completely free! 

But cover is only one part of the many elements that will define your book's sales numbers. If you want to learn more on how to improve your sales read our “Sell More Books Guide” in Authors' Corner.

What Kind of Covers Can The AI Review?

At the moment the AI model is capable to do a book cover review on fiction books. We trained the AI model with 650+ fiction covers in genres sci-fi, fantasy, literary fiction, historical fiction, thrillers and mystery (see a sample image of our cover set below). 

You can test children's books or non-fiction books, but these book genres require other AI models. We will working on these models in the future. 

How Does The AI Book Cover Review Work?

The application uses state of the art Machine Learning AI technique, specifically Google's Tensorflow to classify images. The tool uses a pre-trained model against the uploaded cover image and evaluates it. 

How Accurate Is the Book Cover Review or AI Test?

The Cover Reviewer is able to determine whether a cover is High or Low quality in 90% of cases. Which means that in one case out of ten the model will return false positive result, and have absolutely no idea, whether the cover is High or Low quality (regardless the calculated certainty level). In nine cases, the model can actually calculate it's own certainty level (showed in the left bottom grey box). The more closer it is to 100% the more accurate the evaluation is. 

How We Define High or Low Quality?

These are subjective measures right? They are. But we all agree that there are book covers that are compelling and attractive and there are covers, where we feel that “it could be much better”. We selected only covers where the jury (one book marketer and two book cover designers) were able to put the cover definitely in High or Low quality bracket. 

Low quality cover samples

High quality cover samples

Is the Cover AI Reviewer Able to Tell What Is Wrong With The Cover?

Since it's a classification AI tool, it isn't capable to reasoning. The model is looking for certain patterns on covers, which it identified on the training set. It could be colors, contrast, font quality, title readability, special hidden patterns.

What Happens With The Cover I Upload? Do You Save Images?

Absolutely not. For GDPR and data security reasons we won't save any images you test with our tool.

Why A Book Cover Is Important?

The saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover” may apply in some areas of life, and it's true to some point, but truth be told. Most readers do not entirely go by this idiom. They judge a book based on the cover that adorns it almost all the time. Yes, a book is an extensive and detailed work, and the surface may not give it enough justice. But, the cover is like a billboard that suggests and tells more about a book.

For readers, all the contents of a book cover are driving factors on whether to pick or leave a book- the font(s) used, illustrations, and color schemes. That is why it is common to find redesigned and reprinted book covers and this is why a book cover review may help in this respect.

It is the First Sales Pitch

There are millions of readers, and your book cover is your book’s first selling point. A book’s cover is a prerequisite that differentiates it from many other books of the same genre. For it to draw enough attention, it has to be striking enough. Otherwise, readers will just walk past your book to find something with a more exciting cover. Even ebooks need a clear online thumbnail to entice a potential reader.

If you have a book on a particular site, there are qualities you need to meet. The print needs to match screen brightness for a reader, and aspects like white-out text are vital. Sloppy, illegible, and unappealing fonts or unclear texts are judged as unprofessional and turn off readers. Covers tell a reader that they can love a book’s genre and trust the author with their limited and valuable reading time.

A book cover is what speaks to a reader’s emotions even before they can pick a book. That is how they then get to engage on a deeper level and decide whether they will like the book or not.

 It Tells the Book’s Story

In a sense, a book’s cover narrates the initial story of the content. It communicates to a potential reader a bit of the story’s style and mood. It also creates a perception in a reader's mind about how the characters in the book are potentially developed.

The artwork in a book’s cover reinforces the themes of the book. For example, a very dark cover may imply horror. A philosophical or older book may have more abstract cover art. There is a reason erotica and romantic book covers are different from motivational books. Covers for the former are usually adorned with appealing models to entice readers as they will possibly entice each other in the story.

The cover is subjective, and what works for a particular reader may not work for another. A reading experience that is different from the book’s cover is disappointing, and that is why authors must create covers that are true to the book.

It Communicates Professionalism and Assures the Reader

A book cover communicates to the target audience the professionalism put into the book. A quality cover somehow assures a reader that they will be reading a good quality book. It says that the content and its delivery is excellent. The surface lures or captivates a potential reader. A poorly put together cover suggests to a reader that the book’s interior will be equally bad. This may not always be true, but it is immensely impactful.

A poorly produced design creates a preconceived idea in a reader’s mind. It sets them in a critical or judgmental mode rather than an enjoyment mode. Having their attention already drawn to the mistakes and sloppiness, even if they pick the book, they might intentionally look for and spot more errors in the text. Possibly, they can be unforgiving to any typos than they would a book with a more professional or well-executed cover.

It Speaks Uniquely to Cultures

A book’s cover is tailored to captivate different audiences. That is why book covers are created differently for different markets. Design principles are different worldwide; you may find simpler designs for UK book covers and more detailed ones for US book covers. These are ways to potentially speak to people of different regions or cultures based on their perceptions.

Authors change titles on book covers due to the variance in word meanings across different regions. For example, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone in the US. This was because the word “philosopher” had different magic connotations there from the UK. The author also changed the cover’s artwork, font, and magical themes.

Know if your Book has a Quality Cover

Doing a book cover review and carrying out a book cover test are helpful ways authors can create high-quality covers or improve low-quality ones. Joel’s book’s Artificial Intelligence Reviewer tool is an excellent way to test the quality of your book’s cover image. It evaluates fiction covers for genres like fantasy, sci-fi, mysteries, and thrillers. It can also assess literary and historical fiction. It classifies images using the Machine Learning AI technique. The AI Reviewer tool will not tell what’s wrong with a cover. However, it analyzes specific patterns on book covers like color, the quality of the used font, contrast, title alignment, and unique hidden designs, then classifies the cover in the High or Low-Quality category.

Final Thoughts

A great book cover design draws readers' attention to engage them emotionally and suggests what the book is about. It also showcases the quality of a book and informs the tone, style, and character development within the text. It must achieve all these considering the readers' cultural expectations, perceptions, or beliefs.

A book cover can go a long way in deciding whether a book becomes a best seller or not. Authors and publishers must therefore take the necessary steps to execute the best cover designs. A book cover may be an author’s decision, but authors must also beware of the psychological and philosophical effects on a reader.

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