Alice in Borderland smashed the charts as soon as it came out. The Netflix title was originally announced in the summer of 2019. Filming started a month later and the show aired in the winter of 2020. The second season launched in 2022 December on Netflix.

The series gained international notoriety straight away, leaving fans craving for more as soon as they finished the series. But then, what should you know about the series?

The Japanese science fiction suspense thriller is a drama. It brings in a bunch of allies who are trapped in Tokyo. The city is abandoned and they find themselves helpless in the middle of nowhere. In order to survive, they need to compete in some scary and intense games. The difficulty of such games depends on some playing cards.

All in all, here are a few more details about how this story started, as well as a few Alice in Borderland books that could give you even more action.

Origins of Alice in Borderland

Alice in Borderland – the Netflix version – is not really an original. It is not the first time the world has heard about it. In fact, the show is based on some Japanese manga series. The suspense series was entirely made by Haro Aso – the storyline, text, dialogue and illustrations. It became public in a magazine between 2010 and 2016.

There are more chapters in the series. Altogether, there are 18 volumes. Obviously, the Netflix show is based on the series, but this is not the first television adaptation. In 2014, Alice in Borderland became an original video animation. The story was adapted into three episodes. As for the Netflix show, it premiered in December, 2020. The streaming provider also signed for a new season which aired at the end of 2022.

Whether you love the series or you simply love this type of suspense action, here are some Alice in Borderland books that will keep you hooked in.

Alice in Borderland, by Haro Aso

This is an original. Of course, going through the whole manga series will give you a more natural approach to the series, but this book is just as good. The story follows Arisu Ryouhei. He is about to leave high school now. He knows it is that time in life when he needs to make a decision about his future, but he believes he is too young to do that – plus, he feels a bit helpless in front of so many options.

One night, Arisu hangs around with a couple of friends. Karube is a bit tough, while Chota has a silly attitude. They notice some fireworks lighting up the sky, so they are obviously interested in what is going on. But then, an unexpected explosion turns everything so bright that they can barely see anything around. The next moment, they find themselves in a completely different world.

This new world is likely to change their lives forever. It seems people have two options in this world. They will need to play a deadly and dangerous game or they will simply die. Will they join? Most people do because nobody wants to die. But then, will they manage to survive? Can they actually manage to get back to their original lives?

The Maze Runner, by James Dashner

This book is a classic and the first in a series with the same name. It is an intense story that will make your heart jump with every new chapter. It will make you crave for more – what is going to happen next? All in all, it follows Thomas and his incredible adventure – something that he was not ready or prepared for.

One day, Thomas wakes up in a lift. He has no idea how he got there. He does not remember interacting with others or talking to any strangers. There is one thing he can remember – his actual name. As he looks around, he realizes there are more people in this situation. There are more boys hanging around and their memories are also gone.

Now, as they get out, they realize they are in a maze. The area that surrounds the Glade is a maze and the bad news is it keeps changing all the time. This maze is the only way out – and back to a normal life. No one has ever managed to complete the puzzle and get out. Then, out of nowhere, a girl shows up – the first girl in there. She has a message that will change everyone’s world.

Battle Royale, by Koushun Takami

This is a classic thriller that has surprised multiple generations. Almost two decades after it was released, it is still incredibly good and can seriously give you a good dose of suspense. The story follows a bunch of teenagers who are sent in the middle of nowhere. The high school students end up on a deserted island dominated by a different regime.

Each student is given a different arm. The idea? Fairly simple – there can be only one. They need to slaughter each other with the weapons they have in order to survive. Everyone wants to kill everyone, but there can only be one survivor. The story can be seen from multiple points of view. To some, it is nothing but an intense thriller that has been widely criticized in Japan for its exquisite violence.

To others, it is a realistic representation of today’s society. The so-called dog eat dog world means people need to step over dead bodies in order to survive. The book can be compared to a modern Lord of the Flies. It has also been adapted to a movie – same name and the same high level of violence. The movie has seriously contributed to the popularity of the book.

The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins

The first book in the series with the same name has gained notoriety for its suspense and unexpected plot twists. It is a must for those who like great action and plenty of mystery. All in all, the story takes place in North America. The country is no longer there, but only its ruins. The nation of Panem dominates the area now. It is basically a capital that has been surrounded by 12 districts.

The capital has some strict rules and manages to keep all the districts under control by organizing a strict game. The so-called hunger games represent an event that takes place on a yearly basis. Each district must send two representatives – a boy and a girl. They must be older than 12, but younger than 18 in order to participate.

Katniss is only 16 years old. She decides to step up for the challenge in order to save her younger sister. She knows that the game is like a death sentence, but she has been close to death before. Without even trying too hard, she actually becomes a contender. However, if she does win, she will need to make some changes that could scar her for life.

The Last One, by Alexandra Oliva

This is one of the less known Alice in Borderland books – a hidden gem that is likely to give you some good thrills. The game is known as Survival. It is not just a reality TV show, but also pure reality. Zoo decides to join because she is up for an adventure. However, she sees it as a fun game and cannot really imagine that things could go wrong.

The rules are fairly simple. There are 12 contestants and they all end up in the woods. They will face one challenge after another. Disasters occur out of nowhere and people ask themselves if these are accidents or someone is actually killing them. They are far from the society and they cannot get in touch with anyone.

Zoo is alone and has no idea which way to go. She thinks the disaster is part of the scenario. She is not ready to quit yet. She develops new skills as she goes through the challenges and ends up confronting things that she has always believed in. The story is not just thrilling, but also quite challenging and provocative.

If Cats Disappeared from the World, by Genki Kawamura

The story is told from a personal point of view. The man telling the story is far from his family and lives alone with Cabbage – his cat. He only has a few months to live until one day, when the devil shows up and gives him an offer.

If he can make one thing disappear, he will get an extra day. He needs to do it day by day in order to gain days by himself. The challenge kicks in on day one – how do you decide between things that matter and things that no one cares about?

This story relates to today’s society and is a tale of reconciliation and loss. It is a story about a personal journey to determine things that truly matter in today’s life.


In the end, these are some of the best and most appropriate Alice in Borderland books. Get ready to face some thrilling adventures that will hook you in from the first page.

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