Get Out of Your Own Way and Create a Life You Love

A personal message from the author:

I believe that you are the single most important person in your world, and you have the most impact and influence on your life. When you become aware of your limiting thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors, you can then change your thought patterns in the present. My purpose is to show you how.

— Kim Ryder

The Ultimate Align Your Life Guide for People Who Want to Create A Life They Love.

Kim Ryder reveals how anyone can succeed today and live a more fulfilling life! If you want to rid yourself of insecurity and self-doubt, feel empowered and create a life you love, this is the most important book you will read all year.

This self-empowerment, personal growth book is about self-discovery, gaining clarity, inspiration, and fulfillment. The empowering exercises, action steps, and affirmations will teach you how to:

Gain clarity, confidence, and a meaningful direction in your life.
Activate a deeper loving relationship with yourself and with others.
Align your life with your personal and professional goals.
Be inspired and create empowered states of mind.
Become more mindful, calm, and relaxed.
Use step-by-step tools and techniques for making deep, lasting changes… and more!

This guide for personal development will lay a foundation for creating more happiness, balance, wealth, fulfillment, avoiding regrets, and wasting life. Discover how to be happy again, achieve your true potential, and become the person you were born to be!

Kim Ryder is a heart-centered teacher, mind-body specialist, Integral Hatha Yoga instructor, and published author. She is dedicated to helping people release limiting beliefs and align their lives to take inspired action and create the life they truly want. Her unique approach helps her clients learn how to relax, feel happy, confident, and empowered.

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