Born in 1998, Amanda Gorman has gained notoriety in 2021. While she has been writing poetry since 2015, her major breakthrough occurred in 2021, when she delivered a poem at the inauguration of Joe Biden. She managed to gain international acclaim. Two Amanda Gorman books became bestsellers overnight – she also received a management contract as a direct consequence of her work. In 2021, Amanda Gorman was listed in Time’s 100 Next list as a phenom.

Prior to becoming a celebrity, Amanda was more than just a simple poet. She has always had something to say against common problems affecting the community, such as oppression or marginalization. She was born in California and raised by a single mother. She has two siblings. Her twin sister is also an activist. During her school years, Amanda saw herself as a weird teenagers who loved writing and reading, rather than playing.

While the moment from 2021 brought her international attention, her career goes way back. She found inspiration to join the UN in 2013, after she saw a speech from Malala Yousafzai. She became the first youth poet laureate in Los Angeles – 2014.

On a more personal note, Amanda Gorman has been more than just a poet – she has always activated against issues like race, feminism, marginalization and oppression. She has focused on the African diaspora and she became the first National Youth Poet Laureate. All in all, here are her most appreciated pieces of work in terms of poetry and writing.

The Hill We Climb (2021)

In 2021, Amanda Gorman became the sixth poet to come up with a reading at the inauguration of the President. She has also become the youngest person to have this privilege. As a result, her books gained notoriety overnight. She fascinated everyone who watched the ceremony and raised hope for better times for the country.

This edition includes The Hill We Climb – the poem she delivered at the ceremony. It is a special gift edition that stands out in the crowd. Since she became a figure overnight, she was highly acclaimed by other celebrities from all over the world. For instance, Oprah Winfrey delivered the foreword for this book and helped with its promotion.

This edition of The Hill We Climb is a unique one. It celebrates the hope for a deeper approach towards the issues associated with the USA. It boosts the power of poetry and underlines the promise of a gentler, more powerful and successful country.

The Hill We Climb and Other Poems (2021)

Expected in the spring of 2021 and delayed a few times, The Hill We Climb and Other Poems is basically a collection of poems written by Amanda Gorman. The Hill We Climb is the poem that stirred a whole world when it was recited at the Joe Biden’s ceremony. That was the moment that gave Amanda Gorman worldwide fame and helped her books and poetry reach an unexpected – yet well deserved – reputation.

Apart from The Hill We Climb, the author has brought in a bunch of other poems. She is an activist and aims to push the rights for women and black diaspora to another level. Her work is highly appreciated and she has even received a management contract for her work – therefore, most of the poems you will read in this book target the same issues that still affect the USA.

There are about 80 pages in this book, so get ready for a plethora of different poems. Arm yourself with powerful emotions. Chances are each of these poems comes with a powerful message for whoever reads it. Most of them will beg for change with a subtle message that will definitely trigger your feelings.

Change Sings (2021)

This is a strong and intense lyrical picture book – one of the best Amanda Gorman books and her debut release. It is not just a collection of poetry, but it also brings in some stunning illustrations from the famous Loren Long. Just like her further poetry, this book includes poems with a strong message in terms of humanity, kindness, perseverance and the problems that still stir the USA.

The picture book comes from a reputable poet with activism experience, so everything is possible. She makes it pretty clear – when voices and people come together, anything becomes possible. As you go through this book, you practically embark upon a musical journey where a young girl gives voice to plenty of different characters. Altogether, they all learn that everyone has the power to make a change – be it a big one or a tiny change that will trigger reactions later on.

People can make changes in themselves, but their actions can also change local communities. The lyrical text often hides the actual message, which you will have to figure out yourself. Illustrations are rhythmic and match with no problems at all. Bottom line, this book can be described as an active call to action that people can use in order to motivate themselves – every small ability can make a difference in the long run.

The One for Whom Food Is Not Enough (2015)

This book is both inspiring and courageous. Amanda draws her inspiration from emotional wells – her community, suffering people around her, vibrant women who have changed the world, ancestors and the hungry youth. This book is a collection of different stories and poems.

While she is definitely not the first poet to come up with this approach, Amanda’s work stands out in the crowd with a plethora of surprises, twists and turns. These are the factors that add to the authenticity of this book.

The One for Whom Food Is Not Enough is one of the first Amanda Gorman books out there, as well as her statement – she was going to become famous and she knew it.

Bottom line, these are some of the best Amanda Gorman books to help you understand her points of view and inspiration. The young poet is an international figure and activist now, yet her work on poetry is far from being over.

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