Amazon Advertising Guide

Register / Login to Amazon Advertising Platform

You will need your KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) credentials


Amazon Advertising Dashboard User Management

You can add editors to your Amazon Advertising Dashboard anytime by inviting them to your dashboard. For authors, it is good since they can invite professionals to setup their ad campaign, and safe because they didn't have any access to the payment part of the admin's account.

There are two roles:

  • Admins – editor roles plus changing payment settings
  • Editors – creating, managing ad campaigns


Create the Campaign

Adjusting and entering the campaign details

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Manage the Campaign

  • Increase keyword's bid when there are zero visitors from the actual keyword when you will receive sales (or you will spend money) you have to check ACOS and decide the next step accordingly
    • >25% ACOS – Ineffective keywords
    • 15-25% ACOS – Good keywords
    • 5-15% ACOS – Effective keywords
    • <5% ACOS – Ultra effective keywords
  • Don't jump over $0.8 with the bid, only for extremely competitive keywords, we would like to avoid them to maximize ROI (Return on Investment) of the campaign

Please note ACOS isn't the best metric since it doesn't calculate with your revenue share, always calculate net revenue = sales revenue of campaigncampaign cost (sales revenue of campaign = sales * revenue share after one purchase)