Stress is a normal reaction to changes in our environment. It helped us to survive in the excruciating conditions in African Savannah tens of thousands of years ago. Today, stress gives us more discomfort than help us survive in this intellectual world. In this book, the author explains how our brain adapted through the environment thereby exploring the basis of stress and anxiety.

The author believes that knowing the root cause helps in understanding and removing the discomfort associated with stress-related issues. In this scientifically-backed chronicle, she tries to bring in the essence of history, anthropology and belief systems together to make sense of human condition in an easy to read visual format.She discusses the importance of mindfulness, exercise, journaling and art in today's busy life in a fully illustrated, hand-painted narrative.

About the author

Anjana has majored in Neuroscience, tested human brains in several countries in various cultures. She is fascinated by human behavior and the human brain. The book was previously published as “An Illustrated Guide to Managing Stress”. Due to feedback from the readers, the book was renamed for better resonating with the contents.

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