A New Prescription for Anxiety Relief from the Doctor Who Created It

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I am a medical doctor and neuroscientist who grew up with childhood trauma and chaos from living and loving my schizophrenic father. I searched for years through conventional methods (psychotherapy and medication) to relieve my own anxiety and always came up short. This book shows you the specific non-medical and atypical methods I found to finally heal myself. I finally found my way out of the maze of chronic anxiety—and my life's work is here in “Anxiety Rx” as your personal prescription to show you the way out, too.

— Russell Kennedy

On February 8, 2013, I was a highly anxious and burned-out fifty-two-year-old physician. That night, as I left my clinic in my usual chronic state of anxiety, I wondered if life was worth living. But I had to be onstage as a stand-up comedian an hour later, so killing myself would have to wait. However, I never got to the comedy club. I suffered an injury that night that would end my medical career.

I’ve dealt with anxiety since I was a teenager. My father was schizophrenic and bipolar, and the chaos and pain of his illness created tremendous alarm in my system. My mother did her best to love and take care of my brother and me, but she had her own issue with chronic anxiety. I often say my mother was neurotic and my father was psychotic, so my psyche didn’t stand much of a chance!

I wrote this book to make my father’s eventual suicide and the suffering of my family mean something: to help others like me who experienced chronic worry to understand and fix the pain that was sucking the life out of their lives. I have degrees and advanced training in medicine, neuroscience, and developmental psychology, but much of what I’ll share with you came out of my experiences in very unscientific places. This book is unique in its blend of hard neuroscience and soft spirit.

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