Aurora and God is a book about a girl in her early twenties who recently lost her boyfriend, Tom, and have been dealing with the pain ever since. Becoming depressed, she resorts to drugs and becomes rebellious towards her family and friends. She stops believing in God and blames Him for taking her boyfriend away, but ironically enough, still battles with Him internally in her own anger, always questioning His will.

Despite her shortcomings, Aurora's family and friends love her very much. Her parents continuously try to support her to overcome her anger and depression by being patient and even sending her for therapy. It was not until one day when Aurora's father arranged a therapy session for Aurora to see a priest, Fr. Sebastian. Initially resistant and pessimistic about seeing a priest, she slowly grew to bond a beautiful friendship with him. He enlightens her eyes into the ways of living and caring for others and opened her heart again. Aurora slowly rediscovers her connection with God and finds meaning and purpose in life again. She begins to run a fundraiser for an orphanage and even supported her pregnant sister, Julia, who is going through an abusive relationship with her husband. But Aurora's friendship with Sebastian tangles up in romance and love as they develop feelings for each other. Torn by their commitment towards themselves and God, Aurora's past of losing someone she loves haunts her again. Sebastian slowly distances himself from Aurora, hiding his true reasons for that.

Finally, Aurora realizes what it actually means to love and have faith and hope in her heart. She learns through her journey with Sebastian that God was always with her, that love was never just the physical connection she had with Tom. But love brought out the light in her to help herself out of depression. And although Aurora experienced the death of her lover, she found salvation in love itself.

Note: The book has some offensive languages in the beginning.

A personal message from the author:

I wrote Aurora and God for people who are going through struggles in life, and for people curious about finding their faith as well. Regardless if you are a Christian or a non-Christian, the book welcomes everyone.

There is a strong message of hope and faith in this book, especially in this time of coronavirus. And we pray that this would end soon.

I hope you will enjoy the book as I am most proud that an unhappy experience in my life was able to give birth to a story that i can share with the world.

— G.M.J.


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