Blending Spirituality and Science to Empower Women in Birth

Are you pregnant and anxious about giving birth?
Do you want to discover ways to stay positive at this amazing time of your life?
Do you also want to stay physically healthy throughout your pregnancy?

Being pregnant and giving birth for the first time can be an experience that brings with it a range of emotions. Of course you are excited about a new arrival and all that it brings, but it is also perfectly natural to have worries and concerns about things like pain, emotional issues and potential problems that can arise. But as with every problem there is always a ready solution.

This book, Awesome Birth Method, provides you with all the tips and advice you will need to overcome fears and have the positive birth experience you want, with chapters covering:

  • Taking responsibility for your birth
  • An overview of what can be expected
  • Where meditation can help
  • The importance of getting the right nutrition
  • Birthing options
  • The role of a birthing partner
  • Recovery after giving birth
  • Redefine your body image standard
  • And more…

Whatever your concerns are, however many you have and whatever form they take, Awesome Birth Method is the perfect companion for you to read on your journey through a pregnancy that will be filled with joy and an ultimately wonderful birth experience.


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