The Eternilim Series Book 1

The greatest story ever told – is the story of us.

From the author:

I've always wondered what the real origins of myths are. What would it really be like if you could be there experiencing it first-hand. There are so many legends and conspiracies and because of their number and often overlapping narratives, I thought it would be interesting to weave all of them together into one tale, that not only entertains but also offers a version of events that could be as plausible as the stories we are told today.

In a nutshell, it's about how two brothers and their friend grow up in ancient Babylon and discover the origins of the human and the divine, the craft they used, the Annunaki and Nephilim kings of the past, and the real reason for Eve’s betrayal.

–Mario Mainland

An unlikely combination of Dan Brown's history and Harry Potter’s magic, this is a reimagining of humanity’s origins and legends as lived by those who were there.
The tale of three friends in ancient Babylonia, who through trial, joy, and danger, discover the secrets of the eterniverse and must ultimately overcome its enemies – and choose a destiny for us all.

The theories of today, myths, and historical tales of the divine on earth intertwine in the lives of brothers Arda, Dagan, and their friend Shala who find themselves part of an eons-long struggle.

Both angels and daemons are eager to keep and protect a Nephilim of their own after the flood that had nearly eradicated the species in 2,348 BC. Dubious caretakers, retired Gregori, and stoic priests will guide them as they face the perils in the guarded streets of the city, and come of age at the White Temple of Ninurta.

All the while, the Kings of Babylon that had commissioned the building of a tower in 1,697 BC to honor Marduk, concealed the purpose of a golden Orichalcum rod rising within its core.

From Atlantis to the farthest reaches of space, from dreamscapes and battlefields to the very edge of death, the trio must endure the evil in the world and the darkness that dwells within, and finally confront their hopes, fears, fate, and each other.

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