Baby Girl is a story of survival.  The matriarch of the Hendrix family (which consist of six members, the parents and four children) is a seven, year old child named Tina.  This is her story.  This manuscript covers the years of her life from birth to the age of thirteen.  During this time her father abandoned the family and her mother suffered a nervous breakdown as a result of struggling to raise the children alone, and heartbreak.  Tina was the oldest child and saved the family by taking their mother's role just when the children needed to be rescued.  Her infant sister, Candace, even called her, “Mama,” since Tina raised her.  Tina bathed, fed and changed Candace's diapers, and carried her on her hip everywhere she went around the house.  It was said that Tina was born grown, which is an unfair burden to place on a child, but fortunately for her siblings it was true.