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Badgerblood: Awakening was a dream long in the making. It took me 3+ years to complete this opening to the Badgerblood YA fantasy series.

I've always enjoyed intense, action adventure fantasies with humor—both in books and movies—intrigue, and smart, honorable protagonists pitted against cunning opponents. At times, however, it's been difficult to find books of that caliber that are clean all throughout and keep me on the edge of my seat reading.

This was my challenge in writing. I wanted to create a quality story that was entertaining, novel, and compelling, without compromising my standards. And so, Badgerblood was born.

Welcome to my world. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I loved writing it.

— S. C. Monson

Few dare venture into the Borwood Timberland—a vast forest steeped in sky-piercing trees, demon creatures, and legend.

Few, except Kor.

An ancient gift pulses in his veins. The blood of shifting kings and queens flows through him. But he has forgotten his past and his lineage. Oblivious to his power, blind to his gift, his nightmares hold him captive.

Now a tyrant wants him dead.

When a strange, amber-eyed girl braves the forest in search of a rare flower and encounters a borlan, Kor has a choice: run, or face the spined demon-beast to help her.

His decision sparks a chain of events that sends him to rot in the salt mines of Perabon and pits him against a ruthless mercenary. His path awakens his gift, recalls his past, and unveils a murderous intrigue.

Badgerblood: Awakening is the first book in a new YA fantasy series—a tale of Princess Bride-like peril and adventure with plenty of humor and intrigue, and a sprinkle of magic and romance. The world is full of strange creatures and unique vegetation, and brimming with a wide assortment of characters ranging from tyrannical to quietly heroic.

The story remains clean, exciting, and intense throughout, making it one of the best indie fantasy book choices of 2021. With the humor and daring escapes of books like Airman by Eoin Colfer, intrigue like Tamora Pierce's works, and action similar to books like The Princess Bride, Badgerblood will capture the reader from beginning to end. Elements of Badgerblood: Awakening have also reminded readers of Kristin Cashore's works Graceling and Fire.

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