If you start thinking and reasoning, you already lost the chance to make a decision based on intuition.

Once you have an intuitive thought (or a decision) your ego starts to categorize and criticize it, because intuition is not the product of ego, it happens on the deeper layers of our consciousness.

You intuition is working when you know the direction, the question you are seeking for answer. If there is no question there will be no good answer. Say it loud, write it down, be aware of your topic.

[box] Animals have perfect intuition (instincts), because they have not got the ability of reasoning. Dogs did not hesitate when their owner is in danger, they try to protect them. You feeling down, most probably your dog will come closer and “tells” his or her participation. They are not thinking they are just acting.[/box]

You can not force your intuition to work. If you accept yourself as you are and you are in balanced state intuitions just emerging from the nowhere, and it only depends on you to listen to them.

Awakening intuition is about learning to trust yourself.


For people who are more practical minded, these are the steps:

1. Trust in your first answer that appears in your mind, no matter how unlikely it is

2. Be balanced, eat fresh food, sleep well, remember on your dreams

3. Rise above your ego, accept you will use your sixth sense

4. Take notes about your intuitions so you will facilitate your mind to listen to them