Becoming An Investor Volume 2.

For aspiring investors seeking practical approaches to start saving, investing and building wealth

Farah C. Jaber started his journey toward financial freedom following a lifetime of consumerism. After a radical change of mindset and self-education, he dramatically grew his net worth through investing in the stock market. Farah chose to document his journey with this book series “Becoming An Investor” to support young and new investors seeking practical approaches to investing and building wealth.

The author is the host of the widely successful “The New Investor Podcast.” and also a hospitality management leader for some of the world's most exclusive high-end destination resorts. The book follows Farah's journey as he sought out financial freedom and in which he documents his thoughts, successes, and challenges while developing his investing strategy. In the book, he talks about how he shifted his mindset from being centered on consumerism and instant gratification to that around building wealth and a solid financial future.

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