What Honeybees Can Teach Us About Change, Crisis, and Communication

Are you a business owner who wants to build a lasting company? It's time to shift your focus, develop a new adaptive vision, and implement crucial business strategies for today.

The Powerful Connection Between the World of Beekeeping and Business has Emerged!

The COVID-19 crisis gripped the entire planet and completely changed the business landscape. It transformed people's lives, the world economy, and left the future uncertain. Businesses had to close for months on end to prevent the spread of the virus. However, while some collapsed, others thrived. Why?

Renowned business entrepreneur Scott Proposki will help you understand what honey bees can teach us about change, crisis, and communication and how to implement these same methods in your business and make it thrive even during adverse conditions. This book is the right book for right now. Learning and the health of your business requires to Bee Focused and understand crucial business strategies modeled on honey bee colonies.

Not unlike the COVID-19 pandemic, a similar phenomenon is affecting honey bee hives. For several years, we have witnessed outbreaks of Chronic Bee Paralysis (CBPV) which, if left untreated, kills the honey bees and causes their colony to collapse.

But just like businesses affected by COVID-19 pandemic, why do some hives die and some hives thrive?

There will always be certain factors beyond our control, but the story you choose to tell will affect the outcome of your business. Keeping an open mind is just as important as understanding who you are, knowing your business, and remaining true to your vision. Be secure in who you are, but also be ready to adapt to changing times.

  • Like honey bees infected with CBPV, some companies did collapse. Still, some business owners will weather this new storm because we have to. Our ecological survival depends on the honey bees overcoming their virus. Our economic survival depends on business owners overcoming this virus as humans.
  • From personal experience, Scott has discovered that entrepreneurs can thrive in adverse conditions, especially those with ADHD. They become very focused with superpowers, engaging in what people call hyper-focus and quickly adapt to the next thing. They can pivot fast, coming up with new business ideas that respond to an altered reality.
  • When a honey bee hive gets destroyed, the survivors will “Bee Focused” and start rebuilding the colony again as soon as possible. Starting from ground up, as they did once before, they forge ahead and never give up. Neither will we!

It's time to learn from the honey bee and get your business to focus better, become more resilient, and quickly adapt to change. The lessons in Bee Focused will help and guide you to do exactly that. The successful honey bee colony model has a lot to teach business owners about how to thrive while navigating challenging times.


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