Are the Bermuda Triangle events just coincidences, conspiracies, or can they be explained? You might have questioned yourself at some point about the Bermuda Triangle, one of the most discussed places in the world. We cannot tell for sure. Everyone has their own story or experience about this place.

The Bermuda Triangle sometimes called the “Devil’s Triangle,” has remained very popular throughout the decades and has been talked about in some of the most popular books. The popularity of this area is driven by various mysteries. There have been several aircraft and ship disappearances that no one can account for, and some of the incidents in the area and their causes are still unknown. Bermuda Triangle books will usually have their setting and theme developed within the Bermuda Triangle. Let us dig in and see what books have been written based on this famous area.

What Are The Top Bermuda Triangle Books?

Beyond the Moonlit Sea, by Julianne MacLean

Olivia Hamilton's life is turned upside down when her husband Dean, a private jet pilot, mysteriously vanishes over the Bermuda Triangle. Struggling to cope with his disappearance, Olivia is forced to confront the painful reality that Dean may never return. Meanwhile, particle physicist Melanie Brown is dealing with her own challenges.

After her mother's tragic death, Melanie's focus on her Bermuda Triangle research wanes as she grapples with grief. Her life takes an unexpected turn when she starts an illicit affair with her therapist, further complicating her emotional state.

As the story unfolds, a startling revelation emerges, linking Olivia and Melanie in an unexpected way and shedding new light on Dean's disappearance. This discovery not only threatens to expose deeply held secrets but also challenges everything Olivia believed about her marriage and her husband.

Bermuda Conspiracy, by K.D. McNiven

This is a story of action and adventure set up in an ultra-modern world.  It is compounded in a government conspiracy, weird science, and a terrorist plan.

Callie and Decker Hayden go on a voyage pursuit to the Bermuda Triangle. While on this course, they face a fierce storm that almost absorbs them into a massive whirlpool. The violent waves throw their yacht onto an unknown volcanic island, where they find ship and plane traces in the lava. This is an unusual discovery up until the time they set to find out about the odd phenomenon. Government officials also begin to watch them closely. Multiple murders take place, and the Haydens get caught up as they try to solve these murders. They must runoff from their Miami apartment and flee to New Orleans as they look for clues.

When they meet Dax Drake, a rescuer, a circumstance twist sweeps them away, and they are now caught up in a terrorist scheme. Time is key as they seek to bring to light a government conspiracy and get away with their lives. But how do a terrorist plan, undercover government officials following them, and an island filled with mystery amount to killings and mayhem?

Nightmare on the Solitude, by Kip Boland

Brace yourselves, lovers of books inspired by a true story. It is in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle water that Kip Boland found herself in the middle of events that did not and still do not add up. She is on a journey traversing the waters off Fort Lauderdale, Florida, traveling further as the Bimini islands by The Solitude, her pleasure craft.

The Solitude is hit by stormy seas, which come up any moment, and Kip, together with her crew, are faced with all that the Devil’s Triangle could throw at someone. From equipment failure, a horrific shark attack, to anomalous paranormal activity, the injured crew must struggle against all the voyage threats. Is the Devil’s Triangle or something within it communicating something? Will they survive this journey, or will they turn out to be another of the unaccountable Bermuda Triangle statistics?

You will get caught up in the tentacles of this uncertainty. You will be on the edge of your seat and will not put this read down, as this true story will entice you into the middle of a water hell as determined by the unforgiving Bermuda Triangle. It will captivate you with the fearful and horrific details until you hop into The Solitude yourself.

The Triangle, by Jennifer Victores

Talk about a heart-pounding romantic story across the ages packed with unexpected twists and emotions. You will want to read one more chapter until you are done with Jennifer’s The Triangle.

This is not your ordinary time travel romance. It is unusually refreshing.

A prosperous architect is happily married with two daughters. Mark White has the life anyone would wish for. It is perfect. All this changes when he sets out on a fishing trip with his best friend. Their weekend trip goes wrong. It is not what they expected it to be. These two men were brought up in the ocean and are certain that they know every secret that the waters hold until they are now faced with an unimaginable situation.

The Devil’s Triangle was just a story passed down, and this is what they too believed. They must now fight and do everything to survive as the Triangle sends them into a time deflection that threatens and endangers everything they hold dear leaving them on the verge of death. They are entrapped in a past world that they cannot grasp the meaning of. They must fight their way back even if they have to die. Will they make it out alive?

A Secret War, by P H Dee

Think of a world where everyone is just minding their business, getting to enjoy the goodness and joy of life, but then, all of a sudden, everyone gets sucked into a race of their lives that is typically against all odds and nothing they ever imagined. This is what A Secret War is about. It is a fictional sci-fi thriller that will keep you engaged as the story is unraveled. All hell breaks loose as the bad guys have also picked the wrong person to meddle with.

For many years, the Bermuda Triangle owned a mystery of the loss of ships and souls, which was worldwide thought to be legendary. The United States of America depended on this legend to conceal their journey to create and research an up-to-date weapon. The moment a bizarre accident takes place, even the president lies to keep the truth from the world. Years after this incident, another accident occurs, and this time, the consequences are graver. Find out what happens in this enjoyable, fast-paced adventure.

Infinity’s Gateway, by James S. Parker

Try envisioning the occurrences of the Bermuda Triangle. If you are a fan of well-written non-post-apocalyptic or non-zombie sci-fi stories that have some bits of history and are well researched, you will want to get yourself Infinity’s Gateway. When you start reading this book and move along, you begin to imagine that it will not have a good ending, but you still cling to the hope that all will work out. This is what gets you hooked and deeply fascinated.

The action of this book kicks off in the World War II era. There is a training exercise, and a number of Navy planes disappear. They were there and then, but all of a sudden, they were not. What exactly happens? Moving forward to the present day, an abnormality of some sort is seen in the ocean.

The Navy sends a top-notch research vessel-The Eclipse, military and civilian personnel to carry out an investigation. In the vessel is Argos, the largest, most intelligent, and the most self-aware computer creation. Certainly, with Argos on board, they will figure this thing out. But is this what happens? The adventure and mystery have just started to grow deep.

This book is built up from unpredictable twists, intriguing suspense, and unimaginable things.

Triangle of Treason, by Bob Richards

Bob Richards’ Triangle of Treason carries us along on a mind-blowing journey through a significant period in historical Bermuda in an action-filled thriller. This book will keep you absorbed from its start to its finish, and by the time you are done, you might feel compelled to visit Bermuda if you haven’t.

Rodney Horatio Grant is a retired captain who meets Adolf Hitler after an introduction by Hans Lindeman, his German friend. He had looked forward to being delighted by the Bermuda peace but got himself into murder and treason as he unlikely spies for the Third Reich. He is required to provide the Germans with essential intelligence about the stations of British and American warships in the Atlantic.

As the story develops, we meet Alan (Hooks) Jones, a pilot of a Bermuda ferryboat who is highly experienced in navigating the Bermuda waters. He befriends Harley Harvey (Swordfish), a US Naval aviator deployed to Bermuda. Swordfish falls in love with Becky, daughter to Hooks and the two have to keep their relationship hidden by all means as they are of different races.

When Swordfish and Hooks discover Captain Grant’s truth as he meets a German submarine, they set out on a mission to bring him down. As Grant is on the run, they must do everything to catch the traitor.

Hell’s Triangle, by Devin Lee Carlson

An alien-themed cruise accompanied with great humor. The Hell’s Triangle is a pleasurable sci-fi story vexed with artificial intelligence, an alien raider, and amusement to excite you as a reader highly.

On the first day on the Dream Voyager, fuss and trouble immediately begin. The ship’s artificial intelligence is involved in a violent rage when the crew stops in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle, and something strange occurs.

A forensic investigator has agreed to join his family on a Bermuda Triangle exploration. He has been unable to commit to his relationship, and his work keeps him highly engaged and busy. His father uses the excuse that they need one more celebration before the MS disables him. When they stop in the middle, the ship’s artificial intelligence has encountered a violent rage.

The captain recruits him to find out about the damaged AI system. The system’s malware and hacker are not even dangerous compared to extraterrestrial being that causes the AI to manipulate and trap him into dancing to its tune or otherwise die. But from what is evident, death is his destiny no matter what. Can he save himself, the family, and the alien? Find out in Hell’s Triangle.

The Strange and Unexplained Mysteries of the World – The Bermuda Triangle, by Conrad Bauer

This book takes a closer look at the various ideas and facts about this area, known for the mysterious disappearances of aircraft and ships. The theories about the Bermuda Triangle vary widely, from supernatural to scientific. However, the study of this region is complicated by the presence of false information and biased research, making it hard to separate fact from fiction.

In attempting to understand the Bermuda Triangle's origins, the book navigates through a mix of conflicting reports and theories. It provides a detailed look at the history and facts associated with the Triangle, covering both paranormal and scientific perspectives. The book also compares the Bermuda Triangle to similar mysterious locations worldwide, offering a broader context for these unexplained phenomena.

The Bermuda Triangle-Love and Hope in Another Dimension, by Samantha Crimson

This is a story of an Irish girl and her Bermuda Triangle experience. It also revolves around how a different dimension will forever change her life; the invisible forces that appear to steer her destiny into the transcendent Bermuda Triangle. There, she finds the man she will marry in another dimension and the betrayal of those who will employ the other dimension to work out and attain their evil plans.

The young girl is on a journey from Ireland, and she is unknowingly off to a dangerous voyage to America because of the Bermuda Triangle. On her journey, she is tested, and the things she discovers will greatly interest you as you read along. This story presents to the reader a new glance at the Bermuda Triangle in an old story and new events together with the ideas of what may happen in another dimension. In this book, Samantha Crimson has put forth other ideas about where ships, aircraft, and people end up in a different dimension.

Find out the details of this engaging paranormal sci-fi romance story.

Bermuda Triangle Blues, by TR Cameron, Martha Carr & Michael Anderle

In a new city, some people need a reprimand. To find who these are, read this mysterious, magical, martial arts-based story and see what willful damage can result from a canine-sized dragon.

The fights in New Orleans are driven by the struggles for power somewhere else, and Caliste Leblanc needs to find out the source. She and Fyre must get to New Atlantis and see what the commotion is all about. All the Crescent City gangs are having disputes as each fights to gain control. Cali and her allies are caught up in the middle. She cannot just sit and do nothing. It is too risky for those she is concerned about. Among these people is Tanyith, who also has his own people to guard. The ones that broke him out of Trevilson prison have now shown up.

Her folks left behind unfathomable secrets and mysteries with no clear answers that she now tries to understand. The faintly perceptible Kraken attack figures may be playing a part, or it might just be another group of people trying to mess with her for no good reason. Caliste is now on her way to bring the fight. All this is in the assumption that nothing unusual takes place as she goes through the Bermuda Triangle.

Atlantis Bermuda Triangle, by Bob Mayer

A blend of historical fantasy and science fiction, this is a follow-up to Atlantis, the first book in this series. However, this second installment combines two narratives of a journey to save the world. One is in 1000 AD and the other in the present day (1999 AD). The former features Ragnarok and Tam Nok, while the latter features the survivors of Atlantis.

The story takes place during both of these timelines. There are concerns that the “other” is invading the world for an unknown reason through the “gates,” and the Bermuda Triangle is one of the gates.

Eric Dane joins forces with Sin Fen to fight the dark shadow meant to ruin the world across timelines. Sin Fen is mysterious and has powers that Eric cannot fathom. All over the planet, where ley lines and tectonic plates meet, these interdimensional gates are opening, letting in the dark shadow and threatening the entire planet.

Can Eric, Sin Fen, Ragnarok, and Tam work together in different timelines to save the planet?

Narrated in two chapters, these stories come together for you to unravel the conclusion in an underwater combination of ships, aircraft, and other craft that vanished into the Bermuda Triangle many years ago.

Bermuda Triangle, by Charles Berlitz (1978)

The Bermuda Triangle, a mysterious region between Bermuda and the Florida coast, has been the site of numerous unexplained disappearances since 1943. This area has witnessed the vanishing of hundreds of planes and ships, along with thousands of people. Notable incidents include the disappearance of a squadron of five airplanes and the discovery of an abandoned ship without any trace of its crew or passengers.

Charles Berlitz, intrigued by these mysteries, embarked on an investigation into the Bermuda Triangle. He interviewed many individuals who had narrowly escaped the enigmatic forces within this area. Berlitz explored various extraordinary theories to explain these phenomena, none of which have been conclusively proven. These theories range from the involvement of UFOs to space-time warps possibly linked to long-lost civilizations, and even connections to the mythical lost continent of Atlantis. However, more plausible explanations for these occurrences remain elusive.

This book is one of the first and most impressive read about this mysterious place called Bermuda Triangle.

Final Thoughts on Bermuda Triangle Books

The Bermuda Triangle appeals to many people, and gets a lot of attention. Its mysterious stories have interested the public, and some people have even tried to explain that the Bermuda Triangle is linked to something supernatural or paranormal. Due to this, some authors have delved into writing books themed on the Bermuda Triangle. Who doesn’t enjoy a book set up in a mysterious place? Bermuda Triangle Books will depict eerie storytelling employing fiction and adventure with some being non-fictional. However, each category is unique in its own way.

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