International Cat Day is the perfect day to celebrate our furry friends with some lovely books on cats! They add joy and happiness to our lives every day.

The International Cat Day is on August 8.

International cat day august 8

Petting a cat is one of the most satisfying feelings a human can have. These purring, cute, and intelligent animals are full of love and gentleness. Honestly, you cannot resist a playful cat chasing after something or just sleeping. Seriously, they are adorable.

Cat lovers like me consider them excellent companions, and their fierce independence and curiosity make us love them even more. We would do anything to understand them better for sure. That includes informing ourselves about what makes them tick. That is why most of us shelve books about cats.

If you are a feline lover, this cat book selection will help you understand cats better and appreciate them more.

What Are The Best Book on Cats?

Mala’s Cat, by Mala Kacenberg (2022)

(non-fiction, cat biography)

Mala grew up in Tarnogrod, a Polish village on the fringes of a dense pine forest. Her childhood was what she had always hoped for. However, when she was twelve, this village she loved became a ghetto following the German invasion. Mala’s family and friends ended up starving.

Mala had to take matters into her hands, and that’s when she unleashed her yellow star, risked sneaking out, and went to neighboring villages to trade for food.

She saw her loved ones being readied for deportation on her way back. Mala also received a letter from her sister, who instructed her to stay away. For her survival, she walked away from all that she held dear and lived alone in the forest. She had to hide from the hostile Nazis and villagers.

Malach, a stray cat, followed Mala, stayed with her, and often rescued her. Malach became Mala’s family, relieved her from loneliness, became her guide, and reminded her to remain hopeful during her dark times.

Soul Cats, by Tamara Schenk (2022)

(non-fiction, spiritual)

There are times life demands that we take matters into our own paws. Soul Cats delivers a personal and unique mission for Max and talks about how Max shared deep love with Howy, Flix, and their human guardians. This love saw these cats through challenging times.

This book depicts the core of animal-human relationships and takes readers on an engaging communication journey, distress, authentic connection, and the light that brings triumph.

Everyone has physical and mental baggage, like the older cats in the book. But these cats achieved symbiotic healing through caring relationships and crossed a rainbow bridge. Max is the alpha cat, Flix is the cerebral thinker, while Howy is the ever-bright cat. These cats and their guardians go through joyful and emotional situations that make them see sobering and profound reality.

At its core, this book makes a case for natural healing methods, conventional medicine, and energy clearing work and how all these factors can make a solid trinity to offer relief and a deeper meaning about life.

The Complete Guide to Maine Coons, by Jordan Honeycutt (2022)

(non-fiction, cat care)

The Maine Coon is one of the predominant cat breeds in many homes. A Maine Coon is a giant American cat breed and a sight to behold due to its lovable furball, long hair, and gentle and playful nature.

If you own or would love to pet a Maine Coon, you should get this book to learn more about the breed. The book features a compilation of various features, facts, oddities, and qualities that distinguish Maine Coons. It also has tips and methods to help you to connect better with your cat and deter common destructive behaviors.

To help you become an even better owner, the book will equip you with insights about selecting a Maine Coon, training, grooming, temperament/emotional needs, breeding, and preparing your family and home for the cat’s arrival.

You will also find out your cat's dietary needs and the health issues that may affect a Maine Coon. This will be even easier since you will have read about this cat’s purported origins, history, and living time. You also get details on why a Maine Coon is excellent for cat shows and competitions.

Where They Purr, by Paul Barbera (2022)

(non-fiction, photography)

Cats have a remarkable ability to command a room and can also be notoriously aloof. But what can these curious creatures disclose about their owner regarding design sensibilities and personal style?

Where They Purr illustrates more than twenty inspirational houses and the stylistic interiors that are homes to charismatic felines. The book features different styles and settings like a historic Victorian terrace, a city apartment packed with art, a contemporary farmhouse, and a cozy rental. All these homes have clever designs, and they showcase different domains for the cats. This book will help you discover different cat preferences for sunlit nooks, rooms with a view, or midcentury furniture.

Paul has used stunning photography to capture the desirable homes and has complemented them with enigmatic cat qualities. He has wonderfully woven together different cat personalities to depict what wonderful creatures they are in their surroundings.

This book is a must-read if you love cats and are passionate about architecture and interiors.

Can You Meow That Again?, by Un Animal De Compagnie (2022)

(non-fiction, cat care)

This book is what you need to create the long-lasting connection and good relationship you have been yearning for with your cat. You probably struggle because you don’t understand your cat, but with this book, that worry is about to end.

You will discover how you can eliminate your cat’s behavioral problems to understand it better and also find out if there is a right or wrong way to bring up your cat- you must have asked yourself this question at some point. The typical cat behavioral problems have origins and practical solutions that you can use to improve your understanding.

Being a cat owner does not mean that you must change your entire lifestyle. You can learn how to live with a cat because they are trainable, something many people do not know. You will find out how your cat’s personality traits can impact your relationship and how you can use its personality to your benefit.

Cats, by Rebecca Bell (2022)

(non-fiction, cat care)

Many people love cats and have thought about adoption. This book is a perfect guide on how to go about becoming a cat parent. It has details from the beginning about selecting the right kitten and takes you through how to take care of a breeding cat.

If you are not well versed in cats, the book has details about their anatomy and physiology. These are tailored to different breeds like Maine Coons, Persians, Abyssinians, Siamese, Russian Blues, and Burmese. You are guided with steps on how to take care of them as they grow. Getting pleasure in spending time with cats is more about understanding them better. You will discover how to handle wounds and dress them to ensure your cat stays comfortable during an injury. This book is short but has real-life insights and, even better, features advice from professionals for training, breeding, and care.

The Cat Behavior Answer Book, by Arden Moore (2022)

(non-fiction, cat care)

Cats can be very mysterious, making their owners eager to understand why they behave in specific ways and how they can strengthen their bond. In this second edition, pet expert Arden offers answers to different questions that often pop up in the heads of cat owners. Whether your question is about care, feeding, training, communication, or other aspects of cat behavior, this book has you covered.

Do you wonder whether cats dream, what their whiskers are for, or how you can cat-proof your house? You will find out here. In addition, you will understand why elderly cats howl at night, how to train cats from jumping on kitchen counters, and how you can keep your cat off the curtains.

Arden also answers the question about training a kitten to use the litter box, getting rid of cat urine odor, trimming a cat’s nails in the best way, and whether a cat is safe eating grass. With this book, you are on your way to living happily with your cat.

Feline Reproduction, by Aime Johnson (2022)


Cats are popular pets whose owners want to give them excellent veterinary care. There has been a massive interest in purebred cats, requiring high-quality reproductive care from veterinary practitioners.

Feline Reproduction details all the aspects of cat reproduction. The book begins with basic anatomy and enlightens readers about normal reproduction. It reviews valuable knowledge about the pregnancy of the feline family and neonatal care and highlights how to conduct a breeding soundness exam. You also get to find out about feline semen cryopreservation.

In addition to these insights, the book has current and comprehensive information regarding unusual conditions affecting feline reproduction like infertility, contraception, and spontaneous abortion. The book is not only about pets and goes beyond to talk about non-domestic species as well. It is essential for cat breeders, veterinary practitioners and students, and animal scientists, but it will also offer you tangible insights as a cat owner.

James the Connoisseur Cat, by Harriet Hahn (2015)


The book tells the story of James, a cat with human traits and one who solves mysteries and a businessman vacationing in London. They form an unlikely friendship and have adventures together.

James and the business man met, and when they continued engaging throughout further interactions, the cat story moved slowly, it feels like you are walking in London.

James is running a pickpocketing scheme on the subway, by ferreting out stamp forgeries and counterfeit paintings. In between crime capers, he screens potential tenants, spends the holidays at an ancestral estate in Devon.

Final Thoughts on the best Books about Cats

There are many great books about cats that both kids and adults can enjoy.

We hope that our list of cat books will show you a different lens about our feline friends. I am sure you will decode them better and prepare yourself accordingly to celebrate them as international cat day (August 8) approaches. Felinity is divinity!

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