Sex trafficking is one of the sad realities of today's society. While illegal in every country, there are many places out there where both men and women are trafficked with sex purposes, be it in an underdeveloped country or a civilized territory. Here are some of the best books on the sad reality of sex trafficking.

The Outcast Daughter, by Justin Toppins

Justin Toppins spent more than a year learning about the goings of the sex trafficking industry. He ended up talking to victims or sex workers, as well as detectives and police officers working to get these people out of the industry. The book is aimed to be an amalgam of stories from sex workers forced into this field against their will. As you go through it, the author will introduce you to some kind and clever people who never imagined they would have to go through such dramas.

Girls Like Us, by Rachel Lloyd

Rachel Lloyd is a leading name when it comes to survivor stories. Girls Like Us makes no exception either. The book presents the true story of the author, who has managed to turn an atrocity into a masterpiece. It tells her story as a commercial sex worker who manages to find her way out by creating a charity that helps your girls escape the hard life. It is a memoir that will definitely bring in some haunting stories.

The Slave Next Door, by Kevin Bales and Ron Soodalter

While sex trafficking is most commonly associated with developing countries, authors Kevin Bales and Ron Soodalter underline the size of the industry in the USA as well. Authors describe the fact that a sex worker could be anywhere around us – in plain sight. It could be the girl in front of you at the supermarket or the mother of those kids selling lemonade at the corner of the street. The book exposes the industry from multiple directions.

Not For Sale, by David Batstone

David Batstone describes the story of a modern generation. The book brings in the deep stories of activists trying to promote a call to action. Apart from drug sales and arms trafficking, human trafficking is the most profitable industry in the world. Up to 50% of all people trafficked are children, hence the importance of stopping this phenomenon. This book will not just wake you up, but it will also motivate you to do something about it.

Disposable People, by Kevin Bales

Kevin Bales came up with a disturbing story that describes the slavery today. Whether it comes to sex brothels in Thailand or brick factories in Pakistan, his investigation targets a few different countries where slavery is extremely common. His story goes from Mauritania and Brazil to India, Pakistan and Thailand. Unsurprisingly, modern slavery is not just about sex trafficking, but also about other industries and may even cover multinational corporations.

A Walk Across The Sun, by Corban Addison

A Walk Across The Sun tells the story of two girls – Ahalya and Sita Ghai. After a tsunami hits their village in India, they become the only survivors of their family. They end up in a man's car who promises to help them, but they inevitably get sold as slaves. The story goes to the other side of the world – a Washington based lawyer Thomas Clarke struggles to keep his marriage alive after his baby daughter dies. He takes a job in India and joins an anti-trafficking company. Will he manage to save himself? Will he make an impact on some of the victims' lives?

Trafficked, by Kim Purcell

Hannah's life is not great. Her family was killed, so she feels confused and alone. She is finally given the opportunity to leave Moldova, as she gets a nanny job in Los Angeles. It looks like a dream job and things go alright for a while. But after a few months of working like a slave, she realizes something is wrong when she fails to get her money. Things go from bad to worse and the young girl starts understanding that the crooked family has something to hide.

The Natashas, by Victor Malarek

The Natashes describes the perfect profile of the sex trade black market in Eastern Europe. The book follows the story of various girls as they get lured with promises of dream jobs, only to lose their identities and end up sold as sex slaves on the black market. The book also describes the level of corruption in law enforcement agencies that are supposed to help these girls. It is definitely a call to action that will move any reader.

Escape From Ambergris Caye, by Joan Mauch

Florida is not just good weather and tropical views. Cameraman Jackson Taylor sees a girl being forced off a balcony by an older man. He discusses it with his attractive reporter Izzie Campbell, but she thinks he overreacts. Anyway, they go investigating and Izzie disappears. While the boss believes she quit her job and disappeared, Jackson tries to find her and ends up on a beautiful island where the unexpected occurs. Will he manage to find Izzie and save her?

A Beautiful Prison, by Jenika Snow

Ruby Jackson wants a new life and Gavin Darris wants a slave. The two end up meeting. She gets a new life, while he wants a woman to bend to his will and give him pleasure. Ruby was available for sale on the black market and he could see something in her eyes – she was a fighter. The story is full of intriguing moments. She wants to escape this prison, but she also aches for his touch. Facing a nightmare, Ruby has to decide whether she should try to gain her freedom or stay with a monster.

Bottom line, these are some of the best books coping with the sad reality of sex trafficking. The industry is everywhere around, but it takes a bit of education and a sensitive story to help you realize that anyone could end up there.

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