One of the inherent goals of life is to be a better self. One of the ways for the same is to read some best wisdom books or self-help books. The sooner you read them, the earlier you know how to be a better person.

Not all these books are equal. Some focus on taking you on an interesting journey of improvement, while others motivate you to proceed after gaining experience in some fields of life. Regardless of what the unique aspect is, what if the book is from a self-help guru who shares her or his experienced story? Let’s check out such nine books here!

Wisdom from the World's Greatest Gurus, Prometheus Worley

The author, Prometheus Worley, presents the different viewpoints and practices of popular gurus, which anyone looking for success and happiness will find interesting. These gurus include Sadhguru, Yogananda, Mirra Alfassa, Gurmukh, Ram Dass, Mooji, and Gurumayi.

Their knowledgeable words, when pondered upon, are likely to change and transform lives. For the author, these words opened up the gateway to health, healing, abundance, wealth, and prosperity along with unlimited possibilities. For several others, these words have inspired new ways of viewing life as well as thinking.

If you are unfamiliar with the advice and ideas of these gurus, you may feel that this is going to be complicated. However, this book is an exception. The wisdom shared through this book is relatable and inspiring. There is no need to dedicate several hours to reading; some glances can quickly get you on the path of transformation.

The book focuses on self-actualization that always comes from within, a premise that pervades its pages. Under this focus, it takes the reader on a journey of yoga poses, motivational graphics, and quotes to be used in daily life.

Through several visually appealing graphics, the book represents the complex Yogic concepts in the form of different but simple infographics. It also covers the wisdom of the two introductory pivotal classics of eastern Yogic and Meditative viewpoints, the Bhagavad Gita, and the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali for more profound contemplation.

The book is beneficial physically, psychologically, and spiritually. It is truly an enlightening self-help resource to uplift yourself both personally and spiritually.

Get Out of Your Head, Jennie Allen

If you have been seeking practical keys on how to control your thoughts, this is the self-help book to read! Recognized as the New York Times Bestseller, Get Out of Your Head by Jennie Ellen is based on the thesis that one’s head is the origin of all one does; nothing is outside. It is also from here that the possibilities become unlimited; this is again not possible outside.

Jennie encourages and prepares us to transform our outlook, feelings, and even our situations by being the master of our mind by taking control over the thoughts. There are many negative or destructive thoughts that hold us captive, such as “I cannot be good,” “Others live better lives than me,” and “God does not love me.”

Well, the author is aware of how it is like to spin in a spiral of such thoughts. However, she also has found a way to not get stuck in these self-destructive thoughts. Jennie shares her discovery that God has made a way for us to escape from this swirl.

This is the way of bringing freedom by not being the slaves of our thoughts while realizing that we are blessed with the power from God to combat and win the war against such thinking patterns.

This realization occurs when we surrender our mind to Christ to allow the goodness and promises of God to flow remarkably in our lives. It is certainly one of the best wisdom books to have!

Can't Hurt Me, David Goggins

Neuroscience has found that the path to success and courage is reached by accepting sufferings, not by escaping them. This New York Times Bestseller narrating the story of David Goggins, the author, is real life example of this discovery.

In his persistent effort for conquering the self, the author learned by himself how to revamp one's brain to do better consistently, regardless of the state of motivation, emotions, and circumstances. This book reveals this journey.

For the author, childhood was horrible, as it was marked by physical abuse, poverty, and prejudice. However, he did not lose heart but rather transformed his life to be one of the globe’s best endurance athletes. According to the story, David did so by mental toughness, self-discipline, and hard work.

The once depressed and obese person became the only person in history to take up and finish elite training as an Army Ranger, Air Force Tactical Air Controller and Navy SEAL. Learning from this journey itself is a reward in itself for anyone who wishes to know how to tap into our full potential by eradicating fear and getting rid of past pain.

How to Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie

This book from self-help guru, Dale Carnegie, is for both social and business people who do not find themselves expressive or influential. They are the ones who feel stuck in life, crave to gain more earning opportunities, wish to become a popular icon, or wish to win people with ideas.

This book is a comprehensive guide that will assist you to come out of these common problems and make success easier. You can easily grasp how to expand your business and social circles, find expressive ways to share your ideas more clearly, refine your skills, and become strong mentally to overcome all obstacles on the way.

Based on the never-fading human nature, the author believes that financial success is partly due to professional knowledge but significantly due to the ability to express, lead, and motivate. Thus, this book covers the skills and principles of handling people without manipulation.

It also shows how to make someone do something as per your expectations, win people with your way of thinking, and change people without resentment or being offensive.

The Gifts of Imperfection, Brené Brown

This book from Brené Brown makes you embrace yourself for what you are instead of what you are supposed to be! It is true that fear, consciousness, and embarrassments put a stop to our goodness and make us feel unworthy. If this is what you are feeling, this book makes you worthy of unlimited love, personal growth, and self-discovery.

Instead of just being a normal self-help book, The Gifts of Imperfection goes a step ahead to be an inspiring guide to heartfelt living. Through her heartfelt story, Brené Brown reinforces both personal growth and self-esteem. Backed by the original research, she encourages us to come out of what we feel as an imperfect life and live for what we are and how to grow from there.

The “ten guideposts” in the book are the standards through which one can practice living honestly, a perfectly imperfect life. Instead of holding onto the self-destructing thoughts and sufferings, we need to embrace the imperfection! This will help us to love ourselves.

Think Again, Adam Grant

This New York Times Bestseller from Adam Grant is based on the theme that if knowledge is power, knowing what is unknown is wisdom. Think Again makes you discover the significant skill of rethinking, which involves probing into your opinions and changing them for good to gain excellence at work and in life.

Adam has revealed courageous ideas and meticulous evidence to embrace the state of being wrong and persuade others to rethink issues such as climate change and abortion. He has shared how a global debate champion triumphs over arguments, a vaccine giver convinces anti-believers to inoculate their kids, and how a Black musician encourages white bigots to quit hatred.

Through such learnings, Think Again motivates you to give up old opinions and value psychological flexibility, humbleness, and novelty over irrational steadiness. While the ability to think and learn is crucial, the most crucial ability is to rethink in today’s time.

The recent global changes have forced several of us to re-assess our opinions and consequent decisions. Still, we like the ease of conviction over the inspiring discomfort of doubt, and choose opinions that give a good feeling instead of a hard one. To get rid of this attitude is the aim of this book, one of the best wisdom books!

The Four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz

There is a great reason why this book by Don Miguel Ruiz, a shamanic healer, and Janet Mills is a New York Times Bestseller for over a decade. It is a guide to freedom and enlightenment with many great lessons to learn. The language simply corresponds to an indigenous shaman.

The book reveals the source of self-restricting faiths that take our joy away and trigger pointless suffering. It exhibits a robust code of conduct to gain an uplifting experience of happiness, love, and freedom. This is based on the old Toltec wisdom that was passed down by the Toltec ancestors.

Full of kindness and Toltec truth, this self-help book is for anyone looking forward to an elementary life change. In other words, this simple book is powerful enough to make a great difference in how one should think and act in every situation.

By the way, the four agreements are being flawless with your word, not making assumptions, not taking anything personally, and doing your best always. Recognized as one of the best wisdom books, The Four Agreements shows how and why to follow these agreements.

What Happened to You?, Oprah Winfrey

This book from Oprah Winfrey and Bruce Perry who is a trauma expert shows the way to heal from the impact of adverse experiences and trauma by asking “What happened to you?” instead of “What is wrong with you?”.

This shift in perspective triggers hopes and gives us an understanding of why we are like this and why we do things. As a result, you get a road map for fixing relations and overcoming what seems to be impossible.

Through a profound personal conversation, the authors explore that whatever good or bad happens in early childhood tends to shape the future and affect our physical and emotional health. “What happened” in childhood is a robust clairvoyant of the risk of different physical and mental issues and gives methodological insights into the behavioral patterns.

By joining hands with Dr. Perry, Oprah Winfrey who is a survivor of several childhood challenges has used her power of storytelling to reveal and clinical experience and science to overcome the impact of trauma.

The conversation in the book explores behaviors, removes guilt and self-shaming, and reveals the path to healing and understanding.

Atomic Habits, James Clear

Did you know that making just small changes to your behavior can transform your life for making it better? If you wish to find how, Atomic Habits is the book to read. The self help guru, James Clear, who is the author has honed the art of habits and studied its science for several years. In this hands-on book, he has shown the way to break bad habits and make beneficial ones.

Most of us think that you need to think big for bringing transformation or revolution. However, the author who is a famous habits expert shows another way, which is of changing habits.

He recognizes that real transformation comes from the compound impact of several small decisions such as doing two exercises daily and getting up a few minutes early from sleep in the morning. James has termed them as atomic habits.

He clearly explains how these small changes can result in life-changing results. A few main highlights of this book are simple life hacks, radical psychology and neuroscience facts, and inspiring stories of CEOS, Olympic gold medalists, and scientists who used atomic habits to remain happy and motivated.


These best wisdom books to make your life better are worth reading! While it is best to go through all of them, you should start with the one that you feel is the most relatable to your life.