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Memoirs, visions, back stories and policy positions – these are the kind of things you need to pay attention to before the 2020 elections in the US. It might be hard keeping track of all candidates, but here are some good books to put you on track before the big event that is likely to change the world.

The best political biographies and books about the 2020 US presidential elections list is also available on Goodreads.

The Truths We Hold, by Kamala Harris

The memoir takes you through an impressive resume – Kamala Harris has built her way up through the judicial system in California, only to peak at the elections for the senate in 2016. Apart from her professional life, the author also talks about her vision and people who influenced her life – most specifically, her mother. Her visions regarding Donald Trump's years in the White House are also shared.

Promise Me, Dad, by Joe Biden

The book is not new at all and there is not too much to be revealed about Joe Biden. He has tried his luck in the past and has always been in someone else's shadow. However, this book takes the reader through his personal life – and a sad even from 2015 in particular. His son Beau died because of brain cancer in 2015. In 2016, he was unsure whether or not he should go for the elections. Obviously, everyone knows what happens, but this book makes a final statement – he will do it again, but only at the right time.

God, Trump, And the 2020 Election, by Stephen E. Strang

This book does not praise Donald Trump and does not really try to convince you on any visions or perspectives. Instead, it looks at the 2020 elections from a spiritual point of view. It is mostly aimed at Christians, but it talks about both God and Donald Trump. Is the current president perfect? No. Should Christians accept him? Find out by going through the book, which also explains why he might lose.

One Person, No Vote, by Carol Anderson

Carol Anderson aims to push democracy to another level. Since voting is not a legal requirement, lots of people actually overlook the elections and cannot be bothered. The book tries to make the most of the elections by educating people on the importance of voting. Obviously, there will be some analyses included as well, whether it comes to Jim Crow laws or President Lyndon B. Johnson.

An Unlikely Journey, by Julián Castro

Julián Castro grew up in a multicultural family, as well as a multicultural society. He was rated as a Latino in the western side of San Antonio. With time, he managed to build his way up. He became the mayor of San Antonio, but he was also one of President Barrack Obama's secretaries. In his book, he discusses the difficulties and struggles most minorities have to deal with in the USA. It is not a sad book and it does not reveal any scandals from his past. Instead, he goes on with the story in an optimistic manner.

The Making Of Donald Trump, by David Cay Johnston

David Cay Johnston is a Pulitzer Prize winner and a reputable journalist with an interest in Donald Trump dating before his presidential success. This is one of the best books regarding this past and ascension though. You will go through three decades of reports and discover the beginnings of the Trump family, as well as the ascension and the popularity boost from 2016.

This Land Is Our Land, by Suketu Mehta

This book is not necessarily about the 2020 elections from the USA, but it touches a sensitive topic that will gain a lot in the campaign – immigration. Author Suketu Mehta talks about the detention facilities at the border of Mexico and the USA. He also explores the results of colonialism and globalism, trying to find out why people leave their homes – which is actually his case too. There are no doubts about it – immigration will be one of the factors dictating the elections and the more you know about it, the more informed your vote might be.

I Can't Breathe, by Matt Taibbi

The book is the obvious result of an event from 2014. A video emerged on social media, showing a black man being held by a white police officer in a choke hold on a sidewalk. The authorities believed he was selling cigarettes without tax stamps, so they tried arresting him. He resisted arrest, so they had to put him down in order to cuff him. Eventually, he died after shouting that he could not breathe. His death started a movement – Black Lives Matter, which led to a series of protests. Matt Taibbi's book helps the reader understand the incident and studies police brutality in the USA.

The Senator Next Door, by Amy Klobuchar

Amy Klobuchar's memoirs bring in a realistic personality – the kind of person who you would love to chill with while having a coffee. The senator from Minnesota talks about her childhood and the issues she had to go through. Later on, she describes what pushed her into politics – her daughter's health problems. She ended up advocating for longer stays in hospitals for new mothers. One thing led to another and she became one of th​​e most recognized faces in Minnesota.

United, by Cory Booker​​

Cory Booker's memoir introduces the reader to his life and his ascension. He has an impressive record including names like Stanford, Yale and Rhodes. He has managed to become a senator, but does he have the resources to go all the way to the White House?

Bottom line, these are some of the best books to read before the 2020 presidential elections in the USA. Go through a few biographies, study some key factors in the upcoming elections and read a few memoirs and analyses. Every potential candidate has a book out there, whether it comes to memoirs, visions or ideas, so the list is way longer than that and can introduce you to a few useful scenarios.

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