Bringing joy and adventure to every page, children's books about dogs are the perfect companions for a lifetime of learning and love.

When it comes to catching a child’s attention, including an animal they are familiar with is a great technique. One best option is dogs, for many are known to be very fond of them. They are lovely, let’s admit it. We can’t really question our children why they are very much into them.

Textbooks and modules from school don’t always teach children how to build their own character. One thing to let them have a grasp of reality is by seeing life from the perspective of their favorite animal, and learning how to cope, react, and even make decisions about certain things.

If you are looking for dog books to give to your kiddos, here are some of the best children’s books for dog lovers that they can read and have fun with at the same time.

What Are The Best Children's Books About Dogs?

Noodle and the No Bones Day, by Jonathan Graziano

This children's book dog is a sweet and entertaining picture book about a pug named Noodle and his human, Jonathan. The picture book follows their journey as they navigate Noodle's first No Bones Day, a day for being kind to oneself.

Noodle is a silly old pug who enjoys doing his favorite activities with Jonathan, but on this day, he just wants extra snuggles and belly rubs. Jonathan learns that not every day can be a Bones Day and that sometimes a No Bones Day is needed to get through the week.

Sit. Stay. Love. Life Lessons from a Doggie, by Chalaine Kilduff

Sit Stay Love is a children's book that teaches valuable life lessons through a loveable dog character. It helps instill good character and confidence in kids by using simple phrases and easy to remember ideas.

The book is suitable for toddlers and children ages 3-8, and promotes integrity, honesty, and ethics in a fun and engaging way.

The Art of Perfect Pooping: A Book Made by Dogses for Humanses, by George K

Do you ever wonder why dogs do certain things? Like, why do they pee with one foot up in the air? Do they understand each other? Why do they smell each other’s butt?

Hugo the dog is here to discuss their deepest secrets, and bring us to the lives of a pup and give clarifications as to why they do things the way they do it. The scenes are written in a humorous dog language that will surely leave you laughing at the edge of your seats. It also comes in lively illustrations containing fictitious thoughts of dogs on different things whilst giving out factual evidence of the mischiefs and eccentricity of our furry pals.

Jake the Growling Dog, by Samantha Shannon

Jake is a kind and sweet dog, but despite these characteristics, he is still having a hard time making friends with other animals mainly because he is different: He growls all the time. He growls when he is swimming, he growls when he is eating. He also growls when being tucked to bed and he growls when he is playing.

Jake scares potential friends thinking he is upset or angry in which he is not aware of. He always questions why no one wants to be around him. One day, he meets Neet, a black squirrel, and he tries to help him in making his voice gentler. Follow Jake’s journey with his friend, Neet, and discover how differences should not be an obstacle to be accepted.

Along the Way with Molly, by Amy Greco

Molly, a teddy bear-looking puppy, is a curious one. She loves learning new things every day and goes on different kinds of adventure together with Emma, her favorite human, and Al, the smartest and smallest owl she knows in the world. On a sunny holiday, as they were playing fetch in the park, Molly found a lot of things on the way to look for her favorite bone. She encountered plenty of new experiences and discovered many fun things to do.

A book about kindness and learning, Along the Way with Molly shows how important and entertaining the journey can be. Sometimes, you will even take more things in it than to the actual destination. Join Molly as she learns about the world in her exciting adventures that children will love. Even adults will be able to enjoy the story as well.

If You Give a Dog a Donut, by Laura Numeroff

An extension of the series of fun and interactive stories, the storyline started with a dog asking for an apple juice after receiving a donut and the cycle continues. Each request prompts into something else each time until it comes back again to the first item, the donuts. This book is a roller coaster of guessing what will happen next in the narrative. The illustrations are cute and amusing that it adds up to the overall essence of the book.

Join the fun and chaotic day of an easily distracted dog and his loving owner as he jumps from one activity to another in this journey that captures the effects of his every decision. An epic story written by Numeroff meant to keep our children entertained and fascinated.

Just Me and My Puppy, by Mercer Mayer

Just Me and My Puppy is a new addition to the classic Little Critter series written by Mayer. This time, it is about what it’s like to have a pup. The story starts with Little Critter deciding to trade his baseball mitt for one and from that on, he started learning the responsibilities of having a pet. At first, his parents were thrilled, but as long as he takes care of him, they would let him keep the dog.

The story focuses on how he discovers how to care for him, taught him tricks, and much more. Little Critter realizes that it’s not easy to keep a dog but he eventually enjoyed the process, and that is more important than anything else.

Walter the Farting Dog, by William Kotzwinkle

For kids, farts are funny. For Walter, a sheepish-looking dog, it’s not. Walter the Farting Dog brings us along with the adventure of a dog that can’t help himself but fart. As far as Betty and Billy love him so much, Father is not that fond of him. He is scheduled to go into the pound tomorrow and there’s nothing he can do!

One night, an unexpected burglar strike happened. What will Walter do? Will he prove himself capable of protecting his family despite his unusual habit? Will Walter be the hero of the story? Find out what will happen next in this fun and entertaining book that will surely make your children laugh with their hands on their tummy. Strictly no farting!

The Adventures of Cooper, by Susan Jones

Just like any other dog, Cooper needs a home too. He can’t stay forever beside his dog mother. As he grew older, it is finally his time to show off to families looking for a pooch to bring home. But, with his mischiefs and playfulness, will he ever find one?

The story rotates around Cooper, a mischievous basset hound, and his adventure of finding the perfect family for him. It opens with Cooper wanting to save his mom from a fire-breathing dragon AKA clothes dryer. A family came one day looking for a dog to adopt and Cooper is aware that to be picked, he would have to do his best not to miss anything around. Do you think they will choose him?

Can I Be Your Dog?, by Troy Cummings

A tale about a homeless mutt that lives in a box, Arfy is off to find himself a home.  The story consists of several letters written by Arfy himself and sent out to different people in the neighborhood in hopes of finding him a home. He goes into one place at a time and asks, “Can I be your dog?”. Each letter will surely soften your heart.

This story is a bright portrayal of how homeless animals need a home too. It is also a nice way to teach children about stray animals and how important it is to adopt instead of shopping. A heartwarming story perfect for children and young-at-heart.

The Dog Book, by Agnes Green

The Dog Book is an informative book that allows your kids to have an entertaining and fun time as they dive into knowing more about a few popular breeds. Dogs are diverse and they differ in many ways. They all have their own traits and personality depending on breeds and the types of surroundings they grew up in. Do you have a pup? What makes you love them?

With its easy-to-read rhymes and beautiful illustration, this is a marvelous find for children who have an endearing love for dogs. Every page is a new introduction of adorable breeds that you will surely be enchanted with. Join the cute, red-haired boy as he discovers and captures every story of different dogs that he can find in the park.

Harry the Dirty Dog, by Gene Zion

Harry is a white dog with a black spot. He loves everything aside from this thing: Baths. He hates it so much, he runs away to avoid it. During his escapade all around the town and after doing a lot of things like sliding through garden soils and digging all day, he becomes so filthy.

His coat turned black and he no longer looked like himself. When he goes home after a daylong of playing outside, he is indistinguishable. His owners thought that he was a different dog with a black coat and white spots!

What will he do for them to recognize him? Will he finally get a bath for himself? Find out what happened to the story with this captivating book by Zion.

My Little Golden Book About Dogs, by Lori Haskins Houran

Kids are naturally fond of animals and one of the first ones that they get a hold of are dogs. They are everywhere and it’s common for children to want to know more about them. My Little Golden Book About Dogs is an instructional book that allows kids to discover the various types of dogs, their ancestors, and why most of them look different.

This book is meant to be enjoyed while learning something new with its colorful and lively illustrations that show all kinds of pooches. From small to bigger ones; and even how some of them can be a mix of two or more different breeds. Children will be informed of a lot of fascinating facts about pups and how to find the perfect dog suited for them.

Final Thoughts on Kids Books About Dogs

Childhood is the most important phase of life. What they learn at this age will have a great impact on who they are going to be later in life. As adults, it is our responsibility to guide them as they learn about everything in this world. Reading is not as common as they were in the past for kids nowadays but it is still a great way for the younger generation to reflect on life.

Allow your kids to have something to look back on in the future. The best children's books for dog lovers will be your child’s best friend as they discover more about what the world has to offer and for their little adventures in life.

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